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Episode 2, Yves

Have you ever thought about adopting a teenager?

After being adopted at 17, Yves talks about what a difference adoption made in his life.



MN ADOPT now offers books for sale, written by nationally recognized experts in parenting traumatized children and addressing common diagnoses in children with fragile backgrounds.

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WEBINAR: Addressing Parental Grief as a Normative Crisis (04/16/14)

Apr 16th, 2014

Join dynamic speaker and trainer Deena McMahon as she uncovers the concepts of grief and disappointment as a "normative" family crisis for parents. Parental grief and disappointment is often the unidentified reason adoptive and foster parents seek professional services. This grief and sadness is rarely discussed and can lead to feelings of guilt, s... [read more and register]

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Star Tribune's Featured Child of the Month ~ARMONDO~

Armondo, 15, is a personable, energetic kid whose very likeable. He enjoys video games and reading Marvel comic books. He is intelligent and gets good grades in school. He is looking for a family with "a sense of humor, flexible rules, who can help me keep on track with my schedule and who will teach me how to be an adult." Armondo is open to pretty much any type of family but thinks it would be cool to have 1 or 2 other kids his age. He wants his family to be "positive, supportive, someone who will talk through things with me and someone who will help me make good choices." Armondo would do best with a family who can provide him with consistency and set clear expectations with a structured routine. They would also need to be patient, understanding of his needs and able to support his Hispanic and Native American heritage. "I believe that I am sweet and kind and I'm working really hard to have things be more positive in my life. It's important to have a family because I need to have people to look up to."

To learn more about Armondo, contact Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN) at 612-861-7115.



   Minnesota Adoption Resource Network strengthens our community by:

  • Finding families for children and older youth who are at high risk of aging out of foster care without a permanent family
  • Helping prospective parents form or expand their families, and assisting foster, and kinship families strengthen their ties
  • Serving as a resource to the community by providing information, referral, education and advocacy related to adoption and foster care issues


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  • Are you an adoptive family that is experiencing parenting challenges and not sure where to turn for adoption-competent services?
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  • Are you tired of feeling isolated and misunderstood with no one to talk to about your family's unique concerns?

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Questions about adopting in Minnesota?  Need resources after finalization?  Looking for support in your area?
Call MN ADOPT at 612-861-7115 or toll free at 866-303-6276


Minnesota Adoption Resource Network
Since 1980, Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN), a 501(c)(3), non-profit, has been the state's only organization solely dedicated to finding families for Minnesota's children. MARN is not a child-placing agency, giving us the ability to fully advocate for children needing families.


MN ADOPT is a program contracted by the Department of Human Services through the Minnesota Adoption Resource Network. MN ADOPT is dedicated to supporting and sustaining families who adopt Minnesota Waiting Children by providing online resources and referrals to therapeutic and crisis services, support groups, adoption information and comprehensive training opportunities.

MN ADOPT welcomes inquiries about how to begin and prepare for the adoption process, adoption assistance and expenses and how agencies and counties facilitate adoption of Minnesota Waiting Children.  Contact us at 1.866.303.6276 or email at