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General Adoption/Foster Care
Adoption and Adolescence
Children and Grief
Choosing An Adoption Agency
Adoption & Foster Care: Five Myths Uncovered
Forming A Sense of Self: Multiple Choices for Adoptees
The Grieving Child in Care
Helping Your Foster Child to Transition Into Adoption
Naming your adopted child - A Guide for Parents
Older Child Adoption: Tips for Success
Questions to Ask Former Caregiver
Search and Adoption: Getting Started and Beyond
Understanding Adoption Up to Age 10
Understanding Adoption Ages 11-15
Understanding Adoption Ages 16 and Up
Understanding Ambiguous Loss
Understanding Your Child's Social/Medical History

Special Needs and Behaviors
ADHD and Adoption
ADHD Strategies for Parents to Use With Teens

Adoption Worker

Naming your adopted child - A Guide for Workers

The Nine Stages of Grief in Parents of RAD Kids
Reactive Attachment Disorder: Mining Gold Using A Child's Map of Attachment

Autism and Learning Styles
Autism Spectrum [Tips for Parenting A Child who is on the Autism Spectrum]


Childhood Depression
Teen Depression

FASD/Drug Affected
Does Pre-Natal Exposure to Alcohol Affect the Likelihood of Mental Health Diagnoses?
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Diagnosis and Adoption
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Strategies and Interventions
Handle With Care: Meeting the Needs of Drug-Exposed Children (Meth)
Therapies That Help Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
15 Tips for Facilitating Liftoff For Youth Diagnosed with FASD

Injurious Behavior
Injurious Behavior

Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Adoption

Sexual Abuse
Child Sexual Abuse
Do Children Abuse Other Children
How To Talk to Kids! About Sexual Abuse
Manifestations of Sex Abuse in Childhood
What To Do If You Suspect Your Child is Sexually Harming Another Child

Preparing Birth/Previously Adopted Children For the New Adoptive Child
The Importance of Preserving Sibling Connections

Sleep Deprivation
Sleep Deprivation in Children and Youth

[50 Ways to Help Prepare Youth for] Independent Living]
Adoption Disruption Prevention
Anti-Bullying Tactics
Avoid Teen Pregnancy
Avoiding Power Struggles in Parenting
Becoming Your Own Advocate: Learning to be Assertive
Coaching A Child's Developmental Stages
Deflecting Blame When Mom is the Target
Early Intervention: A Toolbox for Parents
Food Issues
Preparing to Open Up An Adoption
Promoting Family Health and Resilience
Respite Care
Recognizing Healthy and Unhealthy Sexual Development in Children
School Refusal
Teens and Meth: What Can Parents Do?
Teen Runaways
Tips for Parents and Caregivers Of Children who have Experienced Trauma
Top Ten List for Parents Caring for Children with Multiple Diagnoses

Finding Professional Resources

Adoption-Competent Therapist Traits
Choosing an Adoption Therapist
Working With An Adoption Therapist

Tips for Working with A Personal Care Assistant

School Issues/Education
Adoption Competent School Assignments
Adoption Friendly Curriculum
College Aid
Making IEPs User-Friendly
Planning for Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities
School Issues With the Youth or Teen with Attachment Issues: The Dog Ate My Homework
The Impact of Adoption at School: Elementary Age Youth
The Impact of Adoption at School: Junior and Senior High
The Impact of Adoption at School: Pre-K and Kindergarten

Transracial Adoption
Awareness of Ethnic Heritage in Multicultural Families
A Guidepost in Transracial Adoption
Transracial Adoption

Kinship Care
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Adoption-Related Books for Children Ages 9-12
Adoption-Related Books for Teenagers
Books for Parents: Sexually Reactive Children
Books for Transracially Adopted Family