Meet Cheyenne

Age:14Gender:FemaleEthnicity:Black or African American

Cheyenne is a sensitive and talkative teen. She LOVES anything Hello Kitty themed! She also loves all types of animals and likes to go visit them in animal shelters. She enjoys playing basketball and going swimming and doing other outdoor activities. She used to play the violin and would like to start playing again soon. She loves staying busy or having an art project to work on as well.

Cheyenne would do well in either a single parent or two parent family that is laid back, stable, and secure. She enjoys a lot of interaction and would do well with an engaging family that enjoys activities together. Even though she enjoys the outdoors, Cheyenne also calls herself a “city girl” and says she would prefer to be near a city. It would be best if she was the youngest or only child in the home.

Following adoption, she would need to maintain contact with her older sibling.
Ref #:4091