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As of Sept. 1, 2013 520 children are in need of adoptive families immediately. DHS 2013 Adoption Information

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The Minnesota State Adoption Exchange (SAE) was established in the early '80s, funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, to help Minnesota children under state guardianship find adoptive families.

The children on this site require families that will nurture and support them. Many have fragile backgrounds that may include abuse or neglect. These children may be older, part of a minority group or a sibling group. Some may have one or more disabilities. Like all children, they will thrive in a family who accepts and cherishes them and helps them reach their full potential.

For more information on how to begin the adoption process in Minnesota please go to

Meet Yves (Feb 2014)

Meet Cora and Chris (Oct 2013)

Meet Bobby (Nov 2012)

****This is a partial listing of the children in Minnesota who are available for adoption.
Children must be legally free for adoption to be listed on this site.