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Catholic Charities Intensive Treatment Unit
Intensive Treatment Unit
1010 Maryland Lane
Fergus Falls, MN 56537
Phone: 218-739-9325
Fax: 218-739-2242
The Catholic Charities Secure Residential Intensive Treatment Units are secure, inpatient residential treatment facilities for struggling male and female adolescents ages 12-18, who can not be served safely or who have experienced minimal levels of success in less restrictive environments. Our comprehensive program offers a wide array of growth-promoting activities aimed at facilitating true and lasting change through a positive, structured, social-learning environment. Programming includes individual, family, recreational, and group therapy, a fully-integrated therapeutic and educational component, as well as community involvement.

Catholic Charities St. Cloud Children's Home
St. Cloud Children's Home
1726 7th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-650-1500
Fax: 320-650-1508
The St. Cloud Children's Home is a residential facility for children ages 8-17. It is located on a 40 acre campus in St. Cloud, MN. Included on campus are treatment units, an assessment unit, gymnasium, arts & crafts area, rope course, rock climbing room, equestrian program, gardening program, school, and support programs. Treatment is based on the premise that students are coping with their lives and cannot move ahead while living at home or in a less restrictive setting. We help them understand and adjust to the problems in their lives and learn to relate to others in a positive and meaningful way. We strive to return them to society as productive, contributing members.

Elmore Academy
Residential Treatment Center
Elmore, MN
Phone: 507-943-3440
Elmore Academy is a residential treatment facility, accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, for males and females ages 13-19, located in Elmore, Minnesota. The program utilizes an Interactive Environment, the 7 Levels of Intervention, intensely scheduled activities, and an Individualized Development Plan to accomplish our goals. Elmore Academy is NOT a co-ed program, male and female programs are operated separately and contact between the two is not permitted.

Family & Children's Center
Residential Youth Home
2507 Weston St.
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: 608-785-0001
Fax: 608-788-1920
For children who have suffered severe physical, sexual or emotional abuse, our Residential Treatment provides an intense therapeutic setting where therapists and youth counselors help the children work through the difficult aspects of their lives.
For more nformation on specific youth programs such as Residential Treatment, Residential Youth Home, Treatment Foster Care, Day Treatment, Alternative Education go HERE.

Gerard Academy
1111 28th St. NE
P.O. Box 715
Austin, MN 55912
Phone: 507-433-1843
Fax: 507-433-7868
Set upon the former J.C. Hormel residence, and adjacent to the Hormel Nature Center, Gerard Treatment Programs-Austin Campus provides an ideal setting for residential treatment of EBD children. Gerard Treatment Programs-Austin Campus contains five units with a total of 77 beds. Services offered include psychiatric consultation, individual, group, family, milieu, and recreational therapies, as well as a 12 month Minnesota state licensed school with EBD certified teachers. In addition Gerard Treatment Programs offers 90 day assessments which include all of the services previously listed.

Mille Lacs Academy
407 130TH Avenue South
Onamia, MN 56359
Admissions: 320-532-4005
Mille Lacs Academy in Onamia, MN, offers boys a safe place to face their past and begin their future. Programming is built around a rich treatment culture that uses symbolism to connect with troubled teens and encourages lifelong learning. Progress is tracked through stages and may continue after treatment in a follow-up care program. We integrate values, beliefs, norms, and ideals in all our programs, and we offer nondenominational services, chaplain visits, and religious service celebrations as requested by parents or residents. Mille Lacs Academy offers a unique, homelike setting, where students live, eat, exercise, and go to school on campus. They build relationships with counselors, teachers, and other students, and they attend individual, group, and family therapy to face their unique challenges.

KidsPeace Mesabi Academy
Juvenile Residential
200 Wanless Street
P.O. Box 726
Buhl, MN 55713
Phone: 218-258-2274 or Toll Free 888-270-5013
Fax: 218-258-3807
KidsPeace Mesabi Academy, a subsidiary of KidsPeace, is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections and a Title IV-E eligible facility. We offer services for delinquent and non-delinquent youth ages 10-18, as well as Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction youth to age 21. KidsPeace Mesabi Academy offers a full continuum of services, including diagnostic evaluations, short-term residential, long-term residential, secure, and sex offender treatment. These services are based on the utilization of validated assessment tools such as the Youth Level of Service – Case Management Inventory (YLS-CMI), as well as evidence based programming. While we are a correctional facility, we view the clinical/therapeutic component as a very important aspect of our program and utilize an inter-disciplinary treatment team approach in order to gain a holistic view of the youth with whom we are working.

Leo A. Hoffmann Center, Inc.
Program for Low Functioning Sex Offenders
1715 Sheppard Drive
PO Box 60
St. Peter, MN 56082
Phone: 507-934-6122
Fax: 507-934-2594
The Leo A. Hoffmann Center, North Cottage program, is a Children's Residential Rule licensed treatment center that serves adolescent boys between the ages of 11-17 who have committed some type of sexual offense, have a pattern of emotional disturbance and behavioral difficulties with an IQ between 55 - 75, that necessitate removal from the community, yet do not need a high level of security. This residential program provides group and individual therapy, family therapy, education, therapeutic recreation, social skills training, life skills training, and transitional services as specified in an indivualized treatment plan. For further information regarding these services, please visit our website at

Leo A. Hoffmann Center, Inc.
Sex Offender Specific Residential Services
1715 Sheppard Drive
PO Box 60
St. Peter, Mn 56082
Phone: 507-934-6122
Fax: 507-934-2594
The Leo A. Hoffmann Center, Evergreen Cottage, is a Children's Residential Rule licensed program that provides sex offender-specific treatment services for adolescent boys between the ages of 11-17. These boys have committed some type of sexual offense and displayed a pattern of emotional disturbance and behavioral difficulties that necessitate removal from the community, yet do not need a high level of security. This residential program provides group and individual therapy, family therapy, education, therapeutic recreation, social skills training, life skills training, and transitional services as specified in an individualized treatment plan. For further information regarding our program services, please visit our website at

North Homes Children and Family Services
Residential Treatment
1880 River Road
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Phone: 218-327-3000
Fax: 218-327-1871
North Homes Children and Family Services is a private, nonprofit, 501-C-3 agency aimed at providing comprehensive services to children and families in Minnesota. The Residential Treatment Program focuses on Skill Building/Behavior Modification Programming teaching daily living skills through a structured Level System. Criteria for advancing through the Level System is based on developing and exhibiting pro-social values and behaviors identified in the youth's individual treatment plan. Residents are able to complete the program in three to six months. Monthly progress reports and quarterly staffings keep referral agents up-to-date on documented treatment, as well as coordination of care by the Residential Treatment Coordinator.

Northwood Children's Services
714 West College Street
Duluth, MN 55811
Phone: 218-724-8815
Fax: 218-724-0251
Northwood Children's Services is a private, not-for-profit family and children service agency. Northwood is licensed by the State of MN and nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation ( Northwood provides services to boys and girls from 5 -18 years of age in our residential programs.

St. Joseph's Home for Children
Residential Treatment Program
1121 E. 46th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: 612 827-6241
Fax: 612 827-9321
Vacancies: 2
St. Joseph's Home for Children cares for children in need by addressing immediate needs for shelter and stability and offering long-term solutions to emotional and behavioral issues. A program of Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, St. Joe's specializes in assessment, crisis intervention and residential programming, especially for children with severe emotional and behavioral problems. St. Joe's serves children and their families from the Twin Cities area and beyond and provides central intake services for all Hennepin County children removed from their homes due to abuse or instability. Comprehensive mental health intervention for 24 youth ages 6-17 with severe emotional and behavioral needs offering individual treatment plans.

Volunteers of America
For a full list of current Children, Youth & Family Services that are comprised of both residential and community based services please go to the following page:

Avanti Center for Girls
10300 Flanders Street NE
Blaine, MN 55449
Phone: 763-230-7470
Fax: 763-230-7478
Please contact us directly to inquire about vacancies.
The Avanti Center is a residential facility in the northern metro area that provides a continuum of treatment, evaluation and shelter services for females ages 12–18 with emotional and behavioral problems. Avanti utilizes empirically supported Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to provide our youth with the skills necessary to change their approach toward dealing with problems, to regulate and express their emotions in healthier ways and to make more responsible choices. A wide array of services complement work done on-site in program units to provide a truly comprehensive residential experience and include Occupational therapy, Individual and Family Therapy, Psychiatric evaluation/medication management, an array of educational settings through local school district, volunteerism/community integration and aftercare.

Bar-None Residential Treatment Services
22426 St. Francis Blvd.
Anoka, Minnesota 55303
Phone: 763-753-2500
Fax: 763-753-5999
Vacancies: Please contact us directly for up to date vacancy information.
Bar None Residential Treatment Services offers a variety of residential treatment and aftercare services, as well as evaluation and stabilization options, for at-risk youth who exhibit emotional and behavioral problems. Our goal is to assist program participants in gaining the skills necessary to improve their quality of life, the lives of those around them, and to succeed as adults.
Bar None has four residential treatment units (3 male, 1 female). We serve a wide range of program participants, including treatment programming specific to cognitively delayed males. Our short-term stabilization programming provides a safe and supportive environment for male youth (ages 10-18) in transition or crisis for up to 90 days and long-term stabilization provides stabilization of behavior and life skill development for male youth (ages 10-18) in transition or crisis for between 2 and 4 months. Our evaluation program is a 35-day program for male and female youth (ages 11-18) and provides medical screening, behavior assessment, psychological testing, and psychiatric services.
A wide array of services complement work done on-site in program units to provide a truly comprehensive treatment experience. Participants of the Stabilization and Evaluation Programs are also able to access many of these services as optional supplements to typical programming, if requested. A wide array of services complement work done on-site in program units to provide a truly comprehensive residential experience and include Occupational therapy, Individual and Family Therapy, Psychiatric evaluation/medication management, a cooperative relationship with the local school district, cultural diversity programming, spirituality programming, community integration and aftercare.

Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment (MH/CD)
2000 Hopkins Crossroad
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Phone: 952-541-4738
Fax: 952-541-9546
Omegon is an intensive residential treatment center serving adolescents who are experiencing serious emotional, social, and behavioral disorders combined with abuse and/or dependency on mood-altering chemicals.  Omegon offers two program tracks, a shorter 3-4 month program and the standard 6-9 month program.  It is Omegon’s belief that treatment services for adolescents are best delivered in a safe, respectful, encouraging environment where their social, emotional, and spiritual needs can be both fostered and developed. The program will help clients to change their irrational thought processes and replace them with better coping skills and self management techniques.  Omegon provides weekly individual and family therapy; daily group therapy/counseling addressing topics (including independent living skills, grief and loss, family issues, anger, etc.); nursing services; addiction counseling and groups; and recreation program. An intensive aftercare program includes ongoing support, skills, and family services post discharge.  The on-site school is staffed by special education teachers from the Intermediate School District #287. The goal for all residents is to be discharged to the least restrictive setting in which they can be successful. 
ELIGIBILITY: Types of Disabilities: SED/CD Age Group: 12-17 years old PROGRAM CAPACITY: 26 male and female STAFF: Staff includes: Residential Counselors, Primary Counselor/Case Managers, Individual Therapist, Family Therapist, Recreation/Livings Skills Coordinator, Nurse, and Consulting Psychiatrist.

Children’s Residential Treatment Center (CRTC)
143 East 19th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Phone: 612-870-4300
Fax: 612-870-7448
Children’s Residential Treatment Center (CRTC) provides intensive residential treatment, in a secure setting, for severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents who suffer primary psychiatric challenges such as mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, self-destructive behaviors, eating disorders, and thought/dissociative disorders. We believe that therapeutic work with children and adolescents best occurs through the development of individualized treatment programs which are administered in a caring and supportive environment. CRTC uses intensive psychotherapies and cognitive and emotional skill building to assist each participant in developing the skills required to relate constructively to his/her environment. CRTC provides twice weekly individual and weekly family therapy; daily group therapy/counseling addressing topics (including self esteem, grief and loss, family issues, etc.); nursing services; and recreation program. The on-site school is staffed by teachers from Minneapolis Public Schools. Through program participation, children learn to change dysfunctional patterns of behavior, interaction, and communication in order to lead successful lives in their homes and community.

Wilder Foundation-Children's Day Treatment
Wilder Day Treatment
919 Lafond Ave.
St Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-280-2842
The Wilder Day Treatment Program serves children ages 6-12 years who have serious emotional and behavioral problems and who are at risk of being removed from their homes. The program provides individual and family therapy, group psychotherapy and group skills training and development.
The flexible hours of the program enable children to remain in their own homes while working on their emotional and behavioral issues. The goals of the program are to improve behaviors and keep children out of residential treatment facilities. The program also works to strengthen family relationships and enhance parenting skills.

Woodland Hills
Chisholm House
4321 Allendale Ave.
Duluth, MN 55803
Phone: 218-728-7500
Fax: 218-724-7403
"Chisholm House/Consequence." 30 days or less; highly structured and work intensive; restitution and community service opportunities; education; family program; recreation opportunities; problem-solving/asset-building group meetings; CD education classes. "Chisholm House/treatment." Sentences from 30 to 120 days; includes all elements of Chisholm House/consequence, plus individualized treatment plan; CD outpatient treatment opportunity.

Woodland Hills
Residential Treatment Center
4321 Allendale Avenue
Duluth, MN 55803
Phone: 218-728-7500
Fax: 218-724-7403
"Residential Treatment Center." Long-term/open-ended, offering flexible lengths of stay and individualized treatment planning aimed at identifying risks and building skills/strengths. Treatment components include: therapeutic group meetings, service learning, work and recreational activities, full day education program, family program, CD education classes, outpatient CD available. Offers EJJ programming. Programming for girls who are committed to the Commissioner of Corrections.


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updated January 2014