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Meet Daniel (11)

this month's Star Tribune Waiting Child
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Minnesota Waiting Kids

There are hundreds of children in
Minnesota who need adoptive families
immediately. You can help.

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Neuropsychological Evaluations:
What Parents Need to Know
Processing Birth Family

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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Need HELP?

Are you an adoptive family that is
experiencing parenting challenges
and not sure where to turn for
adoption-competent services?

Learn more about the HELP Program>>>


MN ADOPT serves adoptive, kinship, and foster families by providing information, resources, education, public awareness, and support in an effort to find stable and permanent homes for Minnesota’s Waiting Children.

MN ADOPT - Training and Materials
MN ADOPT - HELP Helpline for Adoptive Parents
MN ADOPT - Meet the Kids Database
MN ADOPT - Public Awareness
MN ADOPT - Zero Kids Waiting Newsletter
MN ADOPT - Donate - If You Can't Open Your Home, Please Give


MN ADOPT promotes and supports successful adoptions for Minnesota children and families.


Our name has changed and our mission has broadened.   Today, MN ADOPT is the only non-placing agency in the state of Minnesota that provides programs and services to fully support adoptive, kinship and foster families and their children.

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Our History

MN ADOPT (formerly know as Minnesota Adoption Resource Network or MARN) was founded in 1980 by  a group of adoptive and foster parents.   Their mission was focused on advocating for the rights of every child to ensure they find a permanent and nurturing family.

Contact Us

MN ADOPT welcomes inquiries about how to begin and prepare for the adoption process, adoption assistance, expenses and how agencies and counties facilitate adoption of Minnesota’s Waiting Children. Contact us at 1.866.303.6276 or email us.

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