Take Another Look at MN ADOPT

Our name has changed, and our mission has broadened to now include support services for all types of adoptive families (domestic infant, international, kinship and foster care). Since 1980, the Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN) was Minnesota’s only organization fully focused on advocating for the right of every child to a permanent, nurturing family. We will continue the original focus, but today MN ADOPT offers specific services and resources that also help sustain successful adoptions.
We are now: MN ADOPT.


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Our Vision:

Creating Permanency, Empowering Families

Our Mission:

MN ADOPT promotes and supports successful adoptions for Minnesota children and families.

MN ADOPT is contracted by the Department of Human Services.  MN ADOPT is dedicated to supporting and sustaining families who adopt Minnesota Waiting Children by providing online resources and referrals to therapeutic and crisis services, support groups, adoption information and comprehensive training opportunities.

MN ADOPT welcomes inquiries about how to begin and prepare for the adoption process, adoption assistance and expenses and how agencies and counties facilitate adoption of Minnesota Waiting Children.  Contact us at 1.866.303.6276 or email at info@mnadopt.org

Charity Review Council SmartGivers.org

MN ADOPT meets all 27 Accountability Standards set forth by the Minnesota Charities Review Council, indicating a commitment to accountable ethical practices.