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Zero Kids Waiting for permanent loving families


To find and strengthen Minnesota adoptive, foster care and kinship families

We do this by:

Raising AWARENESS about the need for families for Minnesota children

Providing INFORMATION AND REFERRAL to those interested in becoming adoptive, foster care, and kinship care families.

Offering EDUCATION relevant to adoptive, foster and kinship families and the professionals that work with them.

Providing individualized SUPPORT, GUIDANCE and RESOURCES to foster, adoptive and kinship families. 

MN ADOPT is contracted by the Department of Human Services.  MN ADOPT is dedicated to supporting and sustaining families who adopt Minnesota Waiting Children by providing online resources and referrals to therapeutic and crisis services, support groups, adoption information and comprehensive training opportunities.

MN ADOPT welcomes inquiries about how to begin and prepare for the adoption process, adoption assistance and expenses and how agencies and counties facilitate adoption of Minnesota Waiting Children.  Contact us at 1.866.303.6276 or email at

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