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Event at Minnesota Zoo celebrates children adopted from foster care

November 10, 2019

Families who adopted children from foster care enjoyed a day at the Minnesota Zoo for Celebrate Adoption: Circus of the Heart on Nov. 3 that included music, mascots, games, prizes, face and nail painting, henna art and family photos.
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Featured Minnesota Waiting Kids in local papers

July 1, 2019

The South Washington County Bulletin and the Woodbury Bulletin are now featuring Minnesota foster youth in their papers.


The growing need for safe foster homes

March 25, 2019

Wendylee Raun never planned on being a mother, until she turned 30 and saw a United Way commercial.

Raun’s husband worked at a foster home that was operated by Raun’s parents, so when she mentioned she was considering adoption or fostering, he knew just the child. And when Raun met the sweet 4-year-old girl, she agreed.

“We marched down to Hennepin County and said we want to adopt this girl,” she said.

The county said the odds were against them. It was unlikely they would be a perfect match for this particular child. But after 10 months of waiting, they got the call.

“She asked, ‘Are you ready to be a mom?'” Raun remembers.

The little girl the Rauns fostered, and then adopted, is now 40 and has six children of her own. Wendylee Raun works for MN Adopt, an organization that contracts with the Department of Human Services. The name can be confusing; the agency provides information about adoption as well as foster care…..

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Foster homes needed for thousands of Minnesota children

January 7, 2019
(Report by Kare11 NEWS on the growing need for foster homes in Minnesota due to the growing opioid epidemic)

There is a quiet crisis growing in Minnesota — thousands of children across the state are in desperate need of foster homes.
According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the number of children needing a foster home has doubled in just the past five years.

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MN ADOPT provides referrals, education, and support after adoption

February 12, 2016
St. Paul (Monitor newspaper article) — One out of every thirty-five children in the United States is adopted, according to the Donaldson Adoption Institute, a research and policy organization based in New York.

But once a child is adopted, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. That’s where MN ADOPT, 777 Raymond Ave., comes in……

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