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Adoption, foster care and kinship caregiving includes unique challenges which often benefit from ongoing education, assistance and guidance. Since 2009, the MN ADOPT Education Program has been committed to providing quality, affordable and relevant educational opportunities that speak directly to real-life experiences.

Individuals who are interested in adopting Minnesota’s Waiting Children begin by attending a pre-adopt information session. Learn more about agencies schedules for upcoming meetings.

The MN ADOPT Education Program promotes the importance of ongoing learning through a variety of in-person and online based educational offerings focused on topics specific to parenting through adoption, foster care or kinship caregiving.

MN ADOPT has an extensive library of previously recorded webinars and podcasts on a variety of important adoption and foster care related topics.

From first call to past finalization, the MN ADOPT Education Program provides a variety of supportive, educational opportunities that address some of the unique experiences of parenting through adoption, foster care and kinship caregiving.

Explore additional educational resources outside of MN ADOPT. These are geared for professionals who interact with foster, adoptive and kinship families.

Learn more about how MN ADOPT collaborates with counties, tribes, and agencies to offer workshops to professionals and parents.

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