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#20200204 – Taylor, Melissa: Kids Hair Fundamentals (free webinar) (February 2020)

#20200131 – Wirta-Leiker, Chaitra: Strategies to Support Positive Racial Identity Development in Transracial Adoption (January 2020)

#20191203 – Wolff, Wendy: Handle With Care: Navigating Children’s Birth Family Connections (December 2019)

#20191119 – Siek, Heather: Understanding Children 0-5 from a Developmental Lens (November 2019)

#20191106 (1192) – Morales, Ed: When Child Protection Calls: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Child Protection (November 2019)

#20191001 – Yeager, Catherine: Autism Spectrum Disorders: What They Are (and What They Are Not) (October 2019)

 #20190924 – Wood, Eva: Creating Inclusive Homes & Services for LGBTQ+ Youth in Our Care (September 2019)

#20190910 – Brogger, Jessica & Skallet, Heidi Ombisa: Adoption Agency Recruitment and Placement Requirements under the Multiethnic Placement Act and the Interethnic Adoption Provisions (free webinar) (September 2019)

#20190815 – Krause, Lisa: Beyond Bubble Baths and Yoga: Self- Care for Parents (August 2019)

#1184 – Joyce, Charley: Grief and Loss in Foster Care, It’s Complicated! (July 2019)

#1187 – Ladd, Sarah & Stoos, Tammi: Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation: Basics for Foster and Adoptive Families (free webinar)  (June 2019)

#1185 – Naftzger, Katie: The Power of Words – What to Say to Your Adopted Teen and Why…. (June 2019)

#1183 – Spencer, Mary Jo: Healing the Whole Child; Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessments for Adopted, Fostered, or Kinship Care Children (May 2019)

#1181 – Morales, Ed: From 0-60 and Back Again: De-escalation and Crisis Management for Parents (April 2019)

#20190409 – Frazier, M; Graves, C; Ladd, S; Skallet, H: Finding Forever Families for Trafficked or Exploited Youth (free webinar) (April 2019)

#20190319 – Arnold, Adam: Screen Attachment (March 2019)

#20190227 – Benning, Brenda & Coonce, Misty: Reframing Respite Care (February 2019)

#20190220 – Feigh, Alison: Navigating Virtual Playground, Part 1 (February 2019)

#20190130 – Dunphy, Natalie: Developmental Repair: a framework and tools to support distressed children (January 2019)

#20181106 – Harris, Michael: Becoming The Parent Your Child with FASD Needs (November 2018)

#20180815 – Delaney, Richard: Understanding and Coping With Behavior Problems in Children (August 2018)

#20180613 – Bystrom, Janet: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation 2.0: Essential Updates for Parenting Queer and Trans Youth of Today (June 2018)

#1179 – Ketola, Jeanne: A Different Lens–Retooling Parenting Relationships for Children With FASD & Trauma 

#1178 – Buckley, Paul: Eyes Wide Open – How Looking Into Our Own Hearts Helps Heal the Wounds of Others

#1177 – Summers, Amie & Starkey, Tammy: Sensory Equipment for Children and Teens

#1176 – Lockhart, Sarah: Caregiving after Trauma: The Effects of Witnessing Violence on Children

#1175 – Townsend, Jennifer: Engaging and Serving Kinship Adoptive Families

#1174 – Brown, Jerrod: FASD and Juvenile Justice System

#1172 – Delaney, Dr. Richard: Getting to Yes-Helping Parents with Children Who Are Non-compliant and Defiant

#1171 – Lindh, Jennifer Gallagher: Child Sexual Behavior: Dispelling the Myths

#1169 – Dinwoodie, April: Have You Ever Started a Conversation About Race?

#1167 – Skallet, Heidi Ombisa:  Northstar Care (free webinar)

#1166 – Clark, Barb:  Strategies for Parents & Schools

#1165 – Benning, Brenda: Beyond Consequences For Professionals

#1164 – Rennicke, PhD, Courtney: Safe Brains Learn Best

#1163 – Bengtson, Charline:  Understanding Feeding, Eating & Attachment

#1162- Gross, Amy:  Neuropsychological Evaluations: What Parents Need to Know

#1161 – Smalley, Betsy: Telling the Truth and Making Sense of the Past

#1160 – Fletcher, Kari: The Impact of FASD on Foster & Adoptive Families

#1159 – Buckley, Paul: Marital Conflict- The Hidden Hurt of Foster Care and Adoption

#1158 – Smith, Dr. Darron: Mommy Am I Next?: Discussing White on Black Racism with Transracial Adoptees

#1157 – Heagle, Kelly: Navigating the Special Education System: Advocating Effectively for Your Child

#1156 – Benning, Brenda:  School’s Starting, Are you & Your Child Ready?

#1155 – Benning, Brenda: School’s Out, Now What?!

#1154 – Pieper, Kelly and Bast, Christina: Talking with Children About Foster Care and Adoption

#1153 – Waugh, Marilyn Mendenhall: Finding Family On the Internet

#1152 – McMahon, Deena: Reactive Attachment Disorder: Throughout the Lifespan

#1151 – Markworth, Terssa: When Adult Adoptees Return Home: A Parent’s Perspective

#1150 – Rowell, Dr. Katja: Beyond Picky Eating: End the Power Struggles and Support Nutrition & Health Growth

#1149 – Coleman, Dr. Maya and Wipfler, Patty: Hand in Hand Parenting: Simple Practice that Heal Children with Trauma

#1148 – Harris, Bonnie: “What’s the Meaning of This?” Getting a New Perspective on Your Child’s Behavior

#1147 – Benning, Brenda: Online Consultation: Self-injurious Behaviors among Adopted Adolescents

#1146 – Feigal, Tina: Handling Touch with Touchy Adopted Teens

#1145 – Clark, Barb: What You Need to Know About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

#1144 – Arnold, Adam: How to Engage with Adopted Teens

#1143 – Hansen, Brad: Preparing for Guardianship and Accessing Social Security, Disability Income, and Supplemental Security Income

#1142 – McCormack, Jacki: Breaking Down Waivers: Eligibility, Access and Services

#1141 – Anderson Pascual, Ryan: Personal Care Assistant Services- What Are They and How Do I Access Them?

#1140 – Benning, Brenda: Online Consultation on Defiance & Disrespect: Battles with Homework and Chores

#1139 – Johnson, Jen Daulman: Accessing Health Care- Medical Assistance

#1138 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Reactive Attachment Disorder, The Developmental Perspective

#1137 – Benning, Brenda: Online Consultation: Lying, Stealing, Anger and Defiance

#1136 – Achenbach, Paula J.: Approaches that Encourage Children to Process Feelings

#1135 – Nietz, Lauren: Developmental Repair- Relating to Dysregulated Children

#1134 – Dannen, Susan: Understanding the Oppositional Child #1134

#1133 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Resolving Deliberate Self-Harm Among Adopted & Foster Youth

#1132 – McMahon, Deena: Addressing Parental Grief as a Normative Crisis

#1131 – Fallon, Michele: Understanding & Working with Birth Parents to Promote resiliency in Out-of-Home Placements

#1130 – Nelson, Krista: The Unique Perspectives of Adolescent Attachment (Part 2)

#1129 – Fletcher, Kari: Overcoming Blame & Strengthening Families Living with FASD

#1128 – Nelson, Krista: The Unique Perspectives of Adolescent Attachment (Part 1)

#1127 – Feigal, Tina: Transforming Challenging Behavior: Present Moment Parenting

#1126 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Going Forward: Transitioning from Foster Care to Adoption

#1125 – Seymour, Jane: Helping Children with Sexualized Behaviors (Part 2)

#1124 – Kris LaFleur and Salo, Janet: Kinship Caregivers- Choosing the Right Path

#1123 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Addressing Sibling Placements in Adoption

#1122 – Markworth, Terssa: Communicating with Birth Family: An Adoptive Mother’s Experience

#1121 – Seymour, Jane: Helping Children with Sexualized Behaviors (Part 1)

#1120 – Verrier, Nancy: Who Am I? Dealing with Genetic Confusion in the Adoptive Family & Beyond

#1119 – Keck, Dr. Gregory: Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow

#1118 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Understanding Complex Trauma

#1116 – Keck, Dr. Julie and Dr. Heike Minnich: Medical and Mental Health Needs of Internationally Adopted Children

#1115 – Keck, Dr. Gregory: Parenting Adopted Adolescents: Understanding Their Journey

#1114 – Markworth, Terssa: Helping Adopted & Foster Youth Transition to Adult Living: A Parent’s Perspective

#1113 – Fletcher, Kari: Nutritional Interventions for Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

#1112 – McMahon, Deena: Sexually Abused Children in Adoption & Foster Care

#1111 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Understanding Behavioral Problems in Special Needs Adopted Children

#1110 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Family Dynamics in Adoption: The Impact of a Special Needs Child

#1109 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Pathways to Permanency

#1108 – Nelson, Krista: Adolescence, RAD & Attachment: Guiding Adopted Teens Towards Adulthood

#1107 – Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Helping Troubled Adopted Children with Complex Trauma Histories

#1106 – Buckley, Paul: Avoiding Power Struggles & Healing Hearts

#1105 – O’Connor, Robert: Ideas for Increasing Biculturalism in Transracial Families

#1104 – Raun, Wendylee and McMahon, Deena: The Mosaic, When RAD Meets FASD

#1103 – Fletcher, Kari: Calming the Holidays for Children with Sensory Differences

#1102 – Fletcher, Kari: Back to School with FASD

#1101 – McMahon, Deena: Tough Questions, No Easy Answers

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