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Pre-Adopt Education Classes

If you are interested in adopting Minnesota’s Waiting Children, please note the following change for starting the adoption process!

MN families who want to begin the adoption process for Minnesota Waiting Children will need to attend a two-day training through Children’s Home Society, regardless of which agency or county you plan to work with.  During this training, information will be provided about all of the PPAI (no-fee) agencies. Families can select an agency of their choice after attending the two-day training. Every agency is required to provide agency specific training after the initial 2-day training.

These 2-day trainings are held 18 times a year at various locations throughout the state.
Click here to see a schedule and/or register for an upcoming training.

Families who complete the pre-adopt education classes can choose to work with one of the five PPAI (no fee) agencies, a private (for fee) agency or their county, if they provide adoption services.

    • Click here to find the contact information for your county family services department. Ask them any questions you have about the foster care, concurrent planning and/or adoption programs they have.
    • Click here to find information about the Public/Private Adoption Initiative (PPAI) agencies who are contracted with Minnesota’s Department of Human Services to facilitate the adoption process for those adopting through the Minnesota Waiting Children Program (commonly referred to as foster care adoption).
    • You may also call private child-placement agencies who are licensed by the State of Minnesota and are involved with permanency planning for children.  Be sure to ask them about fees involved in the process.

We are in the process of making changes to this page.
If you have any questions please call MN ADOPT at 612-861-7115.

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