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Badeau, Sue: Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First: The Importance of Understanding Secondary Trauma and Practicing Self-Care #20200225

Bast, Christina and Pieper, Kelly: Talking with Children About Foster Care and Adoption #1154

Bengtson, Charline:  Understanding Feeding, Eating & Attachment #1163d

Benning, Brenda: Online Consultation: Lying, Stealing, Anger and Defiance #1137

Benning, Brenda: Online Consultation: Self-injurious Behaviors among Adopted Adolescents #1147

Benning, Brenda: Online Consultation: Defiance and Disrespect: Battles with Homework and Chores #1140

Benning, Brenda: School’s Out, Now What?! #1155

Benning, Brenda:  School’s Starting, Are you & Your Child Ready? #1156

Benning, Brenda:  Beyond Consequences For Professionals #1165

Benning, Brenda & Coonce, Misty: Reframing Respite Care #20190227

Bernard, Naijean:  Building a Strong Racial Identity in African American Children Through Hair Care #20210415 (free webinar)

Blaustein, Margaret: Caregiving Through a Trauma Lens: Core Skills for Parents and Providers #20200602 (free webinar)

Blechner, Maris:  The Invisible Realities of Successful Adoption #20210609

Dannen, Susan: Understanding the Oppositional Child #1134

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Resolving Deliberate Self-Harm Among Adopted & Foster Youth #1133

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Reactive Attachment Disorder, The Developmental Perspective #1138

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Addressing Sibling Placements in Adoption #1123

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Helping Troubled Adopted Children with Complex Trauma Histories #1107

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Understanding Behavioral Problems in Special Needs Adopted Children #1111

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Family Dynamics in Adoption: The Impact of a Special Needs Child #1110

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Pathways to Permanency #1109

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Going Forward: Transitioning from Foster Care to Adoption #1126

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Understanding Complex Trauma #1118

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Getting to Yes-Helping Parents with Children Who Are Non-compliant and Defiant #1172

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Understanding and Coping With Behavior Problems in Children #20180815

Delaney, Dr. Richard J.: Relatively Speaking: Addressing Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Challenges #20200929

Dinwoodie, April: Have You Ever Started a Conversation About Race? #1169

Dinwoodie, April: Collective Experiences and a Deeper Understanding of Racial Identity-Part 1 #20210504

Dinwoodie, April: Collective Experiences and a Deeper Understanding of Racial Identity-Part 2 #20210511

Duncan, Catherine Rev. & Moore, Cathy:  Neuroplasticity: Rewire Your Brain, Change Your Life #20210407

Dunphy, Natalie: Developmental Repair: a framework and tools to support distressed children #20190130

Dworkin, Jodi:  Understanding Social Media Use of Youth in Care #20210513


Markell, Marc: Helping Ourselves, Children and Teens Grieve #20200421

Markworth, Terssa: Communicating with Birth Family: An Adoptive Mother’s Experience #1122

Markworth, Terssa: When Adult Adoptees Return Home: A Parent’s Perspective #1151

Markworth, Terssa: Helping Adopted & Foster Youth Transition to Adult Living: A Parent’s Perspective #1114

Maxon, Allison Davis: Seven Core Issues in Kinship Families #20210406

McLemore, Adrian: All Behavior has MEANING! #20210209

McLemore, Adrian:  From Policy to Practice – Unpacking the NO! #20200624

McLemore, Adrian & Sanders, Michael:  Strength-Based Mindset: A Guided Discussion #20210517

McMahon, Deena and Raun, Wendylee: The Mosaic, When RAD Meets FASD #1104

McMahon, Deena: Reactive Attachment Disorder: Throughout the Lifespan #1152

McMahon, Deena: Sexually Abused Children in Adoption & Foster Care #1112

McMahon, Deena: Addressing Parental Grief as a Normative Crisis #1132

McMahon, Deena: Tough Questions, No Easy Answers #1101

McMahon, Deena & Luther, Lucius Reconciling the Grief of Unmet Expectations #20210218

McMahon, Deena, Langerman, Kirsten & Miller, Jessica:  The Talk – An Honest Conversation with a Therapist, a Social Worker, and a Foster Parent #20210510

Minnich, Dr. Heike and Keck, Dr. Julie: Medical and Mental Health Needs of Internationally Adopted Children #1116

Moore, Karen: Being a Permanency Competent Professional: What Does That Mean and How Do I Do It? #20210120

Morales, Ed: From 0-60 and Back Again: De-escalation and Crisis Management for Parents #20190404

Morales, Ed: When Child Protection Calls: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Child Protection #20191106

Morrighan, Amber: I’m Caring for a Child With Attachment and Trauma Issues: Now What? (Part 1 of 2) #20210315

Morrighan, Amber: I’m Caring for a Child With Attachment and Trauma Issues: Now What? (Part 2 of 2) #20210329_1

MN Dept of Human Services: Dept. of Human Services, Child Safety and Permanency Division, Listening Session for Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families #20200429 (free)


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