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“Make a difference in your own life, by making a difference in the life of a child.”
~ Kathleen Blatz, Former MN Chief Justice

Making the decision to provide foster care, and the style of foster care you’d like to pursue, are highly personal experiences that require a lot of self-reflection and comparison. On any given day in Minnesota 9,500 children are in foster care. Many are staying in shelters due to a lack of foster homes.

Those who ultimately choose to foster do so for a variety of reasons, some of which are highlighted below:

Meeting a Community Need
Families who provide foster care are meeting a direct, urgent need in our community by providing a safe, loving home for a Minnesota child. Children do better when they are being cared for in a family setting until they are reunified with family or are adopted.

Making a Difference in the Life of a Child
Children in need of foster families have all had difficult early life experiences. Families who welcome these children into their family do so with the commitment to evaluate their parenting strategies while engaging in the education and support needed to meet their foster child’s unique needs.

Foster Parenting Changes Generations.
If you have thought, “I can’t help them all, but maybe I can help one,” consider this: The difference you can make as a foster parent, and adoptive parent, does not just change the one or two children you are fostering. It has the ability to change generations. Children and youth can learn what it takes for families to be stable, abuse-free, and safe. Foster parents are the ones who can teach them this. Through these lessons, the hope is that they will grow up to provide security and safety for their children, and their children will do the same.

“7 Reasons You Should Become a Foster Parent” (Bailey, 2015)

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