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Adoption experienced guidance before, during, and after adoption is an important aspect to the well-being and stability of families. Studies have consistently shown that appropriate support, and early therapeutic intervention (if applicable), can make an immensely positive difference in the lives of children, teens, and parents.

Adoptive parents often report that their greatest need after adopting a child is locating, and utilizing, mental health services from a practitioner who really understands the deep nuances of adoption. In addition, adoptive parents often identify the need for having a centralized, knowledgeable, objective resource that can help them walk through strategies and next steps tailored to their unique situation.

The MN ADOPT HELP Program fills all of these needs while partnering with therapists across the state of Minnesota who have the background, education and practice focus necessary to help those touched by adoption to connect, heal and thrive.

HELP Program staff are happy to provide individualized referral information for therapeutic, supportive and educational resource options.

Why Individuals/Families Contact the HELP Program

Why Community Professionals Contact the HELP Program

Resources for Professionals

Toll-Free: 1.855.670.HELP or 612.746.5137

If you are interested in exploring a list of current HELP Program connected therapists, please visit:

Attention Community Professionals:

Have you felt at a loss on how best to support families and individuals who are  touched by adoption and trauma?

Could you benefit from consultation, resources, and referrals specific to enhance the support you provide to adoptive, kinship caregivers, and foster families?

If so, give the HELP Program a call!
Toll-Free: 1.855.670.HELP or 612.746.5137

HELP Program Staff welcome the opportunity to assist you in whatever way possible. Examples of support can include: objective, confidential case consultation; referrals to applicable community services; therapeutic referrals for clients; information on educational opportunities (both for professionals and families); staff presentations on adoption considerations and HELP Program services; as well as ongoing, easily-accessible support.

More Information & Resources

If you are a therapist working with adoptive families, we encourage you to learn more about the MN ADOPT HELP Program’s state-wide therapist network. Inclusion in the HELP Program network opens possibilities for, amongst others:

  • Inclusion in a state-wide, select community of adoption experienced clinicians (with option of being included on the MN ADOPT Therapist Resource Webpage).
  • Potential financial assistance for a family experiencing financial barriers in receiving needed therapeutic  services not covered by insurance and/or for families who have gaps in coverage.
  • Information and access to specific trainings geared at professionals and/or adoptive families on various therapeutic topics.
  • Referrals from the HELP Program to therapists based on their identified practice focuses and treatment modalities.

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with the MN ADOPT HELP Program, please contact Emily Alewine, Program Manager at 612-746-5128.

We also encourage you to explore the Permanency & Adoption Competency Certificate offered through the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, University of Minnesota:

Helpful Resource Links for Professionals & Families:

MN ADOPT Education page –

MN ADOPT Post-Adoption Resource Guide –

MN ADOPT Support Group page –

MN ADOPT Resource page –

MN/National Resources for Family Support/Education –

Center for Adoption Support and Education –

Beyond Consequences Institute –

Child Welfare Information Gateway (Adoption) –

Attachment and Trauma Network –

PACT – An Adoption Alliance –

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“Our adoptive families are appreciative of the services from the MN ADOPT HELP program. The workers in this program are quick to respond with options and ideas which help the adoptive parents locate services, education and supports.”
– Agency Social Worker

“I think what the HELP Program does is a model program and one of the best I have been involved in.”
– HELP Program Connected Therapist


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