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HELP Specialist services are free and available to any Minnesota family who adopted a child who was under state or tribal guardianship; internationally; or through private domestic infant adoption, kinship adoption or guardianship; and foster care families.

HELP Specialists provide:

  • Phone based support from Specialists whose focus and specialty is adoption and supporting permanency in all its forms
  • Individualized support, guidance and referrals to resources tailored to the specific situation
  • Assistance in identifying and accessing appropriate therapeutic options based on the caller’s need through a large network of HELP Program connected therapists experienced with adoption/trauma/attachment
  • Possible financial assistance to access * eligible therapeutic services when financial barriers to receiving needed services are present
    * Must be a MN Resident. Additional guidelines apply. Call 612-746-5137 to learn more.

 MN ADOPT HELP Specialists also assist:

  • Adoption and Home Study Workers
  • County Workers and Case Managers
  • Community Professionals (i.e. School Staff, Medical Staff, Lawyers…etc.)
  • Adopted Persons
  • Birth/First Parents and Family Members

Why Individuals/Families Contact the HELP Program

Why Community Professionals Contact the HELP Program

612.746.5137 or TOLL FREE: 1.855.670.HELP (4357)


“It’s a very good resource for adoptive parents who don’t know where to turn. I had no idea what to do with my kids – it was a very bad time. I needed direction. The HELP Program helped me find a therapist and they helped talk me through what was going on. Any parent who might be in the same spot would appreciate their help.”
– HELP Program Assisted Adoptive Family

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