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Post-Adoption Navigator Overview

As part of the MN ADOPT HELP Program, the Post-Adoption Navigator provides your family with a central, first point of contact for information regarding post-adoption services in Minnesota. The Post-Adoption Navigator can connect with you after finalizing the adoption of a child from Minnesota foster care. We will help you proactively connect to a network of post-adoption resources and support. Follow-up communication is provided to your family to ensure you have information about post-adoption support services available to you.

Post-Adoption Navigators provide easily accessible, reliable phone-based support that is FREE to any Minnesota family who recently adopted a child who was under State or Tribal Guardianship, as well as Kinship Adoption families. If your family does not meet this description please contact us so we can connect you to our HELP Specialist Program.

Services of the MN ADOPT Post-Adoption Navigator include:

  • Phone and email-based outreach by a Post-Adoption Navigator after your family has adopted a child from foster care. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive information regarding post-adoption services in Minnesota.
  • Assistance in identifying and accessing appropriate post-adoption services based on your family’s needs, through a large network of agencies with experience in adoption and permanency support
  • Responsive follow up communication and check-ins to ensure your family has the information and support you need to effectively get connected to post-adoption services

Reasons families connect with a Post-Adoption Navigator:

  • Your family recently finalized the adoption of a child or you are well beyond finalization and you want to learn about post-adoption resources, services and support available to you and your family
  • Existing support services are changing, and you have questions about post-adoption support services available to you
  • You want a trusted, caring and knowledgeable adoption professional who is a central point of contact and can be accessed as needed over time to help answer your questions and connect you to a helpful blend of post-adoption resources
  • Post-Adoption Navigators provide easily accessible and reliable support by phone or email that is FREE to your family

How do I get connected to a Post-Adoption Navigator?

  • Online: Complete the online contact form located on the MN ADOPT website under the HELP Program tab. You may also ask your adoption worker to complete the referral form for you.
  • Phone or Email: Contact the Post-Adoption Navigator at (612) 746-5139 or at to let us know you would like a Post-Adoption Navigator to follow up with you.

Printable Post-Adoption Navigator Program Handouts:

Why Families Connect with a Post-Adoption Navigator

MN ADOPT Post-Adoption Navigator Program Information

*If you are searching for appropriate therapeutic options for you and your family and want to learn more about MN ADOPT’s network of vetted therapists, we encourage you to reach out to us for a FREE, phone-based intake with a HELP Program Specialist. You can learn more about HELP Program Specialist services by calling the HELP Intake Line at 612-746-5137 or visiting the HELP Specialist Overview page.

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