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1120d – Webinar – Who Am I? Dealing with Genetic Confusion in the Adoptive Family and Beyond


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(June 2012)  Few people think about how confusing it is for adoptees to grow up in non-biological families, especially if they came into a family at birth or soon after. The nurture versus nature debate has been going on for years. What is authentic, what is coping, what is adaptation? How is the adopted person supposed to be in the adoptive family and how are they going to be in any relationship? Join Nancy Verrier, MFT as she addresses the many ways a child struggles to fit into a family and why it is so difficult for many adoptees. There are many aspects that come into play, some are even beyond control of parents or child. Nancy Verrier offers a clear understanding of genetic confusion and adaptation. This webinar is especially important for adoptees, adoptive/foster parents or anyone who is connected to adoption.

Nancy Verrier is an adoptive mother and psychotherapist from Lafayette, California, specializing in adoption issues. She is an international speaker on the effects of separation trauma and genetic confusion on adopted children. She is the author of “The Primal Wound” the most widely-read adoption book in America, and “Coming Home to Self.” She is the recipient of the Book of the Year Award from the Council of Equal Rights in Adoption and the Emma May Vilardi Humanitarian Award from AAC.

(100 minutes)



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