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1122d – Webinar – Communicating with Birthparents/Families: An Adoptive Mother’s Experience


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(September 2012)  Open communication between adopted/foster kids and birthparents/families can be delicate. As caregivers to these children we want to ensure the best outcome while being sensitive to everyone involved. Join Terssa Markworth, adoptive parent of 17 as she shares her experiences from maintaining long-term communication with former foster parents to a Facebook friendship with a birthparent. Communicating with birth families has become more profound due to the internet, Facebook and cell phones. Special care must be taken when older children of sibling groups decide to search for birth parents. Terssa also discusses the approach she took when telling her adopted child about the death of a birthparent and how the “death of the dream” to later search affected the child. She shares strategies on how to effectively communicate with birth families while advocating for and supporting the needs of adopted children.

Terssa Markworth and her husband of 25 years have adopted waiting children from Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa and South Korea. She is currently completing her Masters of Communication studies at the University of South Dakota Vermillion. Terssa enjoys speaking to civic groups, churches, professionals and other adoptive parents on how adoption has framed her family of 21 children.

(90 minutes)



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