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1123d – Webinar – Brothers & Sisters: Addressing Sibling Placements in Adoption


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(November 2012)  The sibling bond is very important in children’s development. Brothers and sisters share friendship, warmth, and concern for one another. Sibling relationships play a major role in the development of social skills since children spend the majority of time with their siblings and learn how to interact with others. In addition, evidence shows that siblings influence the development of secure attachment. Children who are separated from their siblings are likely to be preoccupied with thoughts about their siblings, leading to depression. Dr. Delaney will address sibling placements in adoption/foster care and discuss the long-term impact sibling separation has on the stability and well-being of the child. He will also focus the importance of nurturing relationships, discuss key factors to consider when placing siblings, and explain the mitigating loss they feel when they live apart. Dr. Delaney will offer suggestion for the “parental” or “parentified” child, and offer caregivers and professionals tips on how to handle behavior problems that relate to the trauma of sibling separation.

Richard Delaney, Ph.D., is an internationally known speaker and consultant to foster, kinship and adoptive parents. He is a lead faculty member at Portland State University’s online training series for mental health professionals to achieve adoption-competence. He is an acclaimed author of several books, including “The Healing Power of Family” and “Fostering Changes.” Dr. Delaney is a returning trainer for MN ADOPT speaking on a variety of issues from complex trauma to understanding behavioral issues in special needs children and more.

(92 minutes)



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