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1128d – Webinar- PART I-The Unique Perspectives of Adolescent Attachment


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(December 2013) Part I of this training explores the multiple layers of adolescent attachment, gender differences, conflicting developmental tasks, and the impacts of complex developmental trauma. Some of the issues discussed include:

-The multiple layers of the adolescent developmental journey, including, physical, emotional, sexual, social, and moral changes.
-The specific themes of an adopted teen’s journey from early adolescence to emerging adulthood.
-The impact of complex trauma on an adopted teen’s development and the impact it has on the parent-child relationship.
-Tips for parents to learn when “to lead” and when “to follow” as parents “dance” through these transitions with their teens.

##PART II is also available

Krista Nelson, LICSW, LMFT, has been the Project Coordinator for the Wilder Foundation Center for Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder in St. Paul since 2001. Nelson is a licensed family therapist and clinical social worker with 23-years of experience working with children and families going through difficult life transitions. She is a frequent trainer for parent and children’s mental health conferences and workshops throughout Minnesota.

(90 minutes)



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