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1132d- Webinar – Addressing Parental Grief as a Normative Crisis


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(April 2014) Dynamic speaker and trainer Deena McMahon uncovers the concepts of grief and disappointment as a “normative” family crisis for parents. Parental grief and disappointment is often the unidentified reason adoptive and foster parents seek professional services. This grief and sadness is rarely discussed and can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and failure. Deena offers suggestions for:

-Relationship repair
-How to care for oneself and extend this care to one’s partner, family, child and community
-Ideas and resources for families to heal and diminish prolonged sense of emotional grief

Deena McMahon, MSW, LICSW has more than 20 years experience as a therapist working with families and children. Deena speaks throughout Minnesota and nationally on the dynamics of attachment, brain development, and early trauma. She uses her practice to effectively serve children and families involved in the child welfare system. Deena also has expertise in child sexual abuse and frequently serves as an expert witness in court proceedings regarding permanency issues.

(85 minutes)

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