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1134d – Webinar – Understanding the Oppositional Child in Adoption & Foster Care


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(August 2014)  This training focuses on understanding and addressing oppositional behavior with children and adolescents in foster and adoptive care. Trainer and adoptive parent Susan Dannen explains the criteria for oppositional defiant disorder and addresses the differences between “mental health behaviors” vs. “chosen” misbehaviors and “discipline” vs. “punishment.” The following topics are discussed:

-Understanding what is behind the child’s behavior and how adult reactions can help a child reach his/her goal
-Reframing the behavior in order for parents to cope and accept kids unconditionally
-Offering parenting techniques to avoid “power struggles” while calming and encouraging the child

Susan Dannen, MSW, LICSW, RPT-S has worked in the mental health field for 20 years. Susan has worked as an intensive in-home and out-patient therapist, as well as a children’s day treatment therapist specializing in children’s mental health, trauma, and play therapy. Susan currently serves as the Program & Clinical Supervisor for the Vision Therapeutic classroom and Children’s Mental Health Case Management team at Headway Emotional Health Services. Susan and her husband are adoptive parents and previously fostered children for six years.

(80 minutes)



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