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1135d – Webinar – Developmental Repair: Relating to Dysregulated Children




(October 2014)  Lauren Nietz is a licensed social worker and therapist who serves at Washburn Center for Children. This 90-minute webinar presentation will explore the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of children coming from foster care into adoption from a developmental lens. Lauren offers examples that help parents and professionals find effective and healing approaches with their children by implementing the Developmental Repair model. This model focuses on the following:

Children learn about the world through their primary relationships
Children from foster care suffered disruptions that impacted their ability to self-regulate
Children and parents can repair their child’s social and emotional learning and increase developmental capacities

Lauren Nietz, LICSW, is a therapist, consultant, and trainer at Washburn Center for Children where she has been providing therapy to adults, children, groups, and families who are struggling with the effects of trauma. As the Day Treatment Supervisor she oversaw the implementation of the Developmental Repair model in the program. Currently, Lauren provides training and consultation to clinicians and educators who work with children and their caregivers utilizing the Developmental Repair model. Lauren has presented at local, statewide and national conferences on treating childhood trauma.

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