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1136d – Webinar – Creative Approaches that Encourage Children to Process Feelings




(November 2014) This 90-minute webinar provides adoptive and foster parents with valuable information about environmental and biological influences that impact a child’s behaviors and emotional responses. Participants will also gain an understanding into how the emotional brain works and its effects on the child’s learning capacity. A variety of brain-based activities will be presented to demonstrate sensory and relationship-based therapies to help children process emotions, build resiliency, and heal from broken attachments.

Paula J. Achenbach, MS, LMFT has worked with children and families for over 30 years in education, parenting programs, and counseling. Currently she is a family therapist who specializes in working with young children and families, difficult  behavior in children,
attachment, and parenting. Achenbach works collaboratively with physicians schools and
social service agencies administering diagnostic assessments and administering court reports. She has presented workshops, authored a book on brain-based activities for emotional
regulation, taught college courses, and supervised MFT graduate students.


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