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1139d – Webinar- Accessing Health Care: Medical Assistance


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(February 2015) Discussion on the Affordable Care Act which has created many changes to the health care system and has also spurred questions about health care programs and how individuals can access them. MNsure, Minnesota’s new health insurance exchange is a “one stop shop” where Minnesota adoptive families can explore, apply for, and compare health plans. For many adoptive children, the options have largely remained the same; Medical Assistance is one of the primary ways people receive services that support them to live independently in their community. Depending on age, situation and needs, there are different MA programs that can meet a person with a disability where they are in life. The following topics will be covered:
•MA–what it is, how to access it, services and supports and specific MA programs
•Assistance with Applying
•Steps to the Appeal Process
•Information and Resources

Jen Daulman Johnson has been with The Arc since 2008 and was promoted to Senior Advocate in 2013. As Senior Advocate Jen provides individual advocacy assistance, focusing mainly on families and children from birth to school age. She also served on the Institute for Community Integration’s Somali Autism Surveillance Project since 2011 and works with other advocates to strengthen The Arc’s connection to undeserved communities. Jen is the project lead for The Arc’s partnership with Portico Healthnet, which helps people with disabilities obtain health insurance. She is also a certified MNsure Navigator. Jen is fluent in Spanish and previously worked at Fraser as a Personal Care Assistant to Spanish-speaking families.

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