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1142d – Webinar- Breaking Down Waivers: Eligibility, Access & Services


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(April 2015) Minnesota has entered into a number of waiver agreements with the federal government in order to provide Minnesotans with more service choices, which are provided through Medical Assistance. Join this webinar to understand the differences in services and the amount of money a person can use to purchase these supports. Learn how waivers provide assistance to individuals with special needs in the home and in the community. There are four different waivers for people with disabilities. Each waiver has its own eligibility criteria. This session discusses these waivers: Developmental Disabilities (DD), Brain Injury (BI), Community Alternative for Disabled Individuals (CADI) and Community Alternative Care (CAC). The following topics will also be covered:

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Application Process
  • Services Provided
  • Steps to the Appeal Process
  • Information and Resources

Jacki McCormack joined The Arc Greater Twin Cities as an Advocate in 1998 and has devoted her career to providing family support, individual and systems advocacy. She was promoted to Senior Advocate in 2006. Jacki has extensive expertise in a variety of issues. She provides individual advocacy to parents of students in elementary school through post-high school who receive special education services. She also advises parents about county services available to children with disabilities, including county case management, personal care assistant services, and waivered services. Jacki was honored by The Arc Minnesota with the Andrew R. Richardson Advocacy Award in 2009.

(62 minutes)



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