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1148d – Webinar – Getting a New Perspective on Your Child’s Behavior


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(October 2015)  Ever wonder where your child came up with their behavior or those words? Does it seem like nothing you do stops the behavior you hate? Does the behavior exhaust you? If so, then your child is trying to tell you something but does not know how to express themselves outside of their behavior. When children think that you “just don’t get it,” their behavior often becomes louder and more dramatic for you to pay attention. This workshop will teach you the meaning of Childology and how to shift your perspective and find the words so that you can connect instead of react. You will learn the steps of Connective Communication so your child learns how to use their words instead of reacting dramatically and so peace can be restored in your family.

Bonnie Harris, M.S., Ed., is the director of Connective Parenting and has been a parenting specialist for 25 years. Parent educator, professional trainer, counselor, author and international speaker, Harris is known for her pioneering mindset shift out of the reward and punishment model to a connected relationship. She received her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College in NYC. In 1990, she founded The Parent Guidance Center in New Hampshire. Based on her book, When Your Kids Push Your Buttons, Bonnie teaches “Button” parent workshops and professional trainings internationally. Her second book, Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids: 8 Principles for Raising Your Kids You’ll Love to Live With distills her groundbreaking work into 8 key principles and practical strategies. She has appeared on The Today Show, Asian News, ABC Australia broadcast among others and has been featured in Parenting, Parents, Good Housekeeping, Essence and Working Mother magazines. Bonnie is the mother of two grown children and lives with her husband in New Hampshire. To learn more about Bonnie, go to or visit Facebook at

(105 minutes)


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