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1151d – Webinar – When Adult Adoptees Return Home: A Parent’s Perspective


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(December 2015)  “Oops…I moved out too soon,” is a common sentiment heard when adult adoptees realize they have moved out too soon and need help managing day-to-day life. Join adoptive parent and inspirational speaker Terssa Markworth, as she provides strategies that help parents and adult children promote effective communication and set healthy boundaries when your kids return to your home. Terssa’s own son has been homeless twice and she and her husband allowed him to move back home so they could determine what he needed, how to cultivate his own strengths, and offer him the support he needs to be successful in his own life.

Terssa Markworth, MA and her husband of 27 years have adopted waiting children from Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa and South Korea. She recently completed her Masters of Communication Studies at the University of South Dakota Vermillion. Terssa enjoys speaking to civic groups, churches,
professionals and other adoptive parents about how adoption has framed her family of 17 children. Terssa is also the author of “You Can’t Bungee Jump With a Pair of Pantyhose” a book that discusses the joys and challenges that have come with adoption in her own family.

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