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1157d – Webinar – Navigating the Special Education System: Advocating Effectively for Your Child




(September 2016)  This training will explain basics of the special education process, including ways children are qualified for special education.  It will also include explanation of categories of qualification as well as how to effectively advocate for a child with extra needs.  Additionally, it will address how to discuss with school professionals ways they can accommodate children with concerns in the areas of attachment, trauma and FASD.

Kelly Heagle, MA, LMFT, RPT is an adoption competent Child and Family Therapist and an adoptive parent who partners with families along the adoption journey.  She has 20 years experience working with families and has extensive experience in helping parents work with schools to help provide the best services possible for their children.  She enjoys supporting parents by interpreting school language, which allows parents to feel more comfortable in school meetings.

(1 hour, 8 minutes)

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