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#20181106 – WEBINAR: Becoming The Parent Your Child with FASD Needs




This pre-recorded webinar on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder may meet requirements for child foster care licensing so please have your licensing worker review and confirm.

(November 6, 2018) Are you sometimes confused about parenting someone with FASD or suspected FASD? Wondering if you’re being manipulated or enabling bigger problems? Feeling frustrated and angry, or maybe even a little resentful? Wish you could hit a re-set button and start over? Good! Then we have something to talk about. But if you’ve got it all figured out, then this workshop is not for you.

FASD is one condition, but with many different ways of showing up—in behaviors, emotions, memory, learning, communication, motor skills, executive functioning, attention, and more. As a psychologist, I could always see the big picture with my FASD clients and their families, but as a foster parent, I often had tunnel vision focused on one (usually ineffective) solution.

This workshop will give caregivers of those with FASD some basic tools and insights into what to do before you feel like screaming. Personal and clinical examples will be used to illustrate these techniques and how to develop a growth mindset around FASD. More information at

Webinar Goal:
Empower caregivers to parent more effectively by encouraging a growth mindset around FASD that naturally brings forth strengths-based parenting strategies and interventions.

Agenda/Learning Objectives:
Review FASD Wheel and brain domain basics
Discuss perspective-taking and the concept of mindset
Describe various strengths-based interventions for FASD
Questions and discussion

Michael Harris is a foster parent and Licensed Psychologist who helps exasperated parents transform their adopted and foster kids’ meltdowns & defiance into connection & alliance so they can make the difference they always wanted to make in their kids’ lives. Michael has worked at the Indian Health Board of Minneapolis since 1995, specializing in treating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), reactive attachment, developmental trauma, and delinquency with Somatic Experiencing®, Theraplay®, EMDR, and self-care strategies.

(1 hour, 30 minutes)

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