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#20190404 – WEBINAR: From 0-60 and Back Again: De-escalation and Crisis Management for Parents (Closed Caption)




(April 2019)  As parents, we often work overtime to identify and manage our kids’ triggers, but what happens when our best efforts still lead to escalations in our home and community? In this engaging webinar, we explored root causes of behavior escalations and discussed evidence-based approaches to calming even the most intense escalations. Participants learned more about the neurobiology of escalations and what can be done to partner with kids and help them back to regulation.

Ed Morales, MPP, MSW, LICSW: Since 2011, Ed Morales has worked with more than 1,000 kids and their families as a school social worker, therapist, and now trainer and consultant. An adoptive parent of two amazing daughters, Ed combines his knowledge of trauma child development and challenging behavior with real-world, on the ground experience gleaned from years of experience in schools and at home.

(1 hour, 31 minutes)

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