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#20200624 – WEBINAR: From Policy to Practice – Unpacking the NO!




(June 2020)  From Policy to Practice – Unpacking the NO! 

This session covers “WHY” teens say ‘NO’ initially to permanency and/or adoption and covers how to successfully identify the root causes of the ‘NO’ and implement strategies and plans to address those challenges and causes.

Learning Objectives
▪ Participants will have fun and be able to express themselves openly and honestly in a safe and nurturing environment
▪ Participants will be able to formulate plans that support effective engagement and family/youth participation
▪ Participants will practice strengths-based communication techniques to help with the utilization of the core competencies addressed in the training
▪ Participants will gain strategies to help plan and maintain authentic youth and family engagement
▪ Participants will be able to identify resources/tools to build meaningful relationships with youth and young adults

Core Competencies
▪ Creating/Enhancing Policies & Practices to promote Family Youth & Engagement
▪ Discuss Adverse Childhood Experiences and how that effects youth and young adults
▪ Discuss Adolescent Brain Development and how that effects youth and young adults
▪ Creating a Trauma Informed Care mindset to assist in identifying potential challenges and how to address them
▪ Introduce a framework for ‘Equity & Inclusion’ to ensure all youth in care are being served
▪ Introduce ‘Strategic Sharing’ model to aid staff in teaching young adults how to effective share and communicate their story.

Armed with a commanding stage presence and a compelling life story that combines humor and humility, Adrian McLemore has inspired and delighted audiences across the country for more than a decade as a professional speaker and trainer. Adrian seeks to live out his passion of serving others with his talents, expertise and education. Adrian is a national consultant and program officer in Baltimore, Maryland. Adrian brings to his work 16 years of child welfare advocacy, and his experience of growing up in foster care.

(1 hour, 40 minutes)


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