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#20200929- WEBINAR: Relatively Speaking: Addressing Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Challenges




This pre-recorded webinar on Children’s Mental Health may meet requirements for child foster care licensing so please have your licensing worker review and confirm.

(September 2020) In 2017, 2.5 million children were being raised by kin without a birth parent in the home.  Although the majority of us want our family members to step-up and step-in when our family’s children need us, kinship care is not without its challenges. This training will focus on the benefits of kinship care but will also include how children’s emotional/behavioral problems and underlying family issues such as grief and loss impact everyone involved.

In this training we will discuss four challenges: 1. disrespect, back-talk and refusal to cooperate; 2. hoarding and hiding food; 3. dishonesty; and 4. bullying, threats, and deliberately harming animals.  We will zero in on underlying reasons for and purposes of these behaviors, which will set the stage for discussion about how parents can respond to children in sensitive, supportive, and trauma-informed ways.

Dr. Rick Delaney is an internationally known clinical psychologist, speaker and consultant to foster, kinship, and adoptive parents and programs.  Recently he was the clinical director at the Kauai Family Guidance Center in Lihue, Hawaii. Dr. Delaney is the principal investigator of Foster Parent College (, an on-line resource for foster, kinship and adoptive parents.

Charley Joyce, LCSW, has been a social worker for approximately 40 years.  He is the co-author of the book, “Behavior with a Purpose” and a contributing author of the books “The Kinship Parenting Toolbox” and “Assessing Youth Behavior”.  He began his career as a VISTA volunteer and has worked as the clinical director of a psychiatric facility, as an outpatient therapist, supervisor of outpatient therapists, as a foster care caseworker, clinical director of foster care services and as the owner of his private practice. Charley currently contracts with Abound Counseling-LSSND. Charley was awarded the ND Adoption Advocate Award in 2011. On a personal level, Charley is a husband, father, grandfather and a volunteer for Big Brother.

(2 hour, 2 minutes)

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