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#20201007 – WEBINAR: Lessons From the Life – What Every Transracial Parent Should Know




(October 2020) By the time he turned 2 years Kevin Hofmann had survived an abortion,  been given away by his mother, adopted by a family of another race and woke up to a burning cross in his front yard.

Kevin was born in Detroit in August 1967 two weeks after the riots that changed that city forever.  It was out of these amazing circumstances his life began. It is out of these experiences he tells his story; a story of struggle and joy,  pain and passion, and most of all hope.

In this 90 minute virtual presentation, Kevin shares from his life as an adoptee and person of color. He addresses what his parents got right, what they could have done and implications of race and racism in the world today.

Accomplished writer and public speaker Kevin Hofmann has appeared across the United States sharing his experience and guiding parents, students and professionals through today’s multicultural landscape. His perspective and light-hearted yet contemplative view resonates with people of all cultures and is sought by many.   Kevin has been interviewed by media including Nightline ABC and NPR and is quickly becoming a trusted voice on the topics of race and adoption.

Kevin’s layered racial resume has led him to write Growing Up Black in White, a compelling memoir revealing his difficulties and joys growing up in a diverse family –particularly during a time and in a location where acceptance was tentative and emotions regarding race ran high and hot. Because his story also addresses the impact of race and culture in society, it serves as a catalyst for open discussions on diversity and inclusion as well as race and culture.  Kevin has worked with several K-12 school districts,  universities, and adoption agencies as a consultant in the area of cultural intelligence.

(1 hour, 27 minutes)

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