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#20210209 – WEBINAR: ALL Behavior has MEANING!




(February 2021) This training will provide practical tools for understanding child behaviors with a special focus on intervening before the ‘behaviors’ become unmanageable. The trainer will provide evidence and examples of proven strategies that will help diffuse, determine, and redirect negative behaviors utilizing strength based approaches. The trainer will also address the ‘right’ questions to be asking in assessing childhood behaviors and how to cleverly obtain the answers from the child/youth through communication and rapport building analytics.

Armed with a commanding stage presence and a compelling life story that combines humor and humility, Adrian McLemore has inspired and delighted audiences across the country for more than a decade as a professional speaker and trainer. Adrian seeks to live out his passion of serving others with his talents, expertise and education. Adrian is a national consultant and program officer in Baltimore, Maryland. Adrian brings to his work 16 years of child welfare advocacy, and his experience of growing up in foster care.

(1 hour, 49 minutes)

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