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#20210421 – WEBINAR: How to Talk to Your Child About Sex




(April 2021)  In an overly sexualized society, being your child’s first source of information is critical.

Parents and caregivers are critical to ensuring that children of all ages & all abilities live in a sexually safe environment and receive the information they deserve.  In this workshop, we will:

-Discuss stages of sexual health development.
-Learn how to support your child to develop safe and healthy relationships.
-Learn how to have conversations about safety, sexuality, appropriate boundaries, and healthy relationships.
-Learn about teaching tools and strategies for home.

In this workshop, we help parents and caregivers begin imagining the long-term goals they have for their child when it comes to healthy sexual development and begin working toward meeting those goals.  We identify the knowledge they need to gain, the conversations they need to have, address the attitudes about sexuality that often get in the way of having honest conversations, and help them feel supported by peers and professionals and validated in their parent role.

After this workshop, parents/caregivers will have hands-on, easy to implement education tools that can be used at home to teach individuals of all ages & abilities about private and public places, private and public behaviors, body autonomy, boundaries, and basic sexual health information.  Additionally, participants will be armed with several resources to continue self-learning and resources to share with their loved one in their home.

Kim Rossow, MPH, is the Parent/Caregiver Education Specialist for Mad Hatter Wellness, where we envision a world that provides and promotes equitable health and wellness education for all people. Kim has over 20 years of experience in sexual health education and wellness. But her real expertise comes from her 14 years of parenting her three unique children, including one child who has a profound intellectual and developmental disability. This culmination of personal and professional experience has created a passion, perspective, and expertise to support parents and self-advocates as they work through the joys and trials of sexuality.

(1 hour, 4 minutes)

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