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#20210727 – WEBINAR: Understanding Autism in Adoption and Foster Care




Warning: Explicit language

(July 2021)  This workshop will help adoptive and foster parents, as well as professionals, better understand autism spectrum disorders. James will discuss the intersection between autism and foster care/adoption. This webinar will include discussion on the signs of autism, appropriate diagnostic measures, and resources for caregivers. Participants will leave the workshop with tips and strategies for building what we hope will be lifelong relationships with individuals on the neurodiverse spectrum.

James Rechs, MSW, LICSW, located in Rochester, Minn., is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. He provides individual therapy for individuals aged 16 and older as well as psychoeducation for parents, families, and caregivers.  He has worked with clients on the autism spectrum and their families and caregivers for almost 20 years.  His top priority is helping clients achieve goals that are most important to them and helping them develop and maintain lives and relationships that feel safe, meaningful, and satisfying. James enjoys helping clients discover their own strengths, gifts, and talents, rather than changing people just to meet others’ expectations.  He has a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and an undergraduate degree from Grinnell College in Iowa.

(1 hour, 33 minutes)

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