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1124d – Webinar – Kinship Caregivers: Choosing the Right Path


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(December 2012)  Kinship caregivers (sometimes called relative caregivers) provide children with greater stability, increased connections with siblings and maintains vital family connections and traditions. Kinship care is steadily increasing in Minnesota, at least 21,000 grandparents are raising their grandchildren. Often the journey to providing permanency and stability for these children can be complicated. This training will provide an overview of legal options, financial benefits, and additional resources specific to individual family situations.

Kris LaFleur is a Family Support Specialist with the Families in Safe Hands: Raising Relative’s children program at Lutheran Social Service of MN (LSS). Raising Relative’s Children (RRC) supports the needs of kinship caregivers, offering phone and in-person consultations, support groups, resources, referrals and education, conflict resolution and mediation and offers family strengthening activities. Prior to her work with LSS, Kris worked for the Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association (MKCA). She has also completed the Rule 114 Family Mediation Skills training and Family Bridge Mediation training.

Janet Salo, is a Family Support Specialist with Raising Relative’s Children at LSS. Janet provides resources, information and support to kinship caregivers, by phone and in-person consults, through the Relative Caregiver Warmline. Janet provides assistance to people navigating complex legal options, understanding foster care and the role of child protection, accessing appropriate government and community benefits, understanding the change in relationships with family members, and assisting with a safe parenting practices with families. Janet has an extensive background in disability-related services/supports and servicing kinship caregivers. Janet worked for MKCA and Arc Greater Twin Cities, prior to her work at LSS.

(63 minutes)

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