ADD Association
The Attention Deficit Disorder Association provides information, resources and networking opportunities to help adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder lead better lives.
We provide hope, empowerment and connections worldwide by bringing together science and the human experience for both adults with ADHD and professionals who serve them.

Addiction Resource
Addiction Resource provides a community for those recovering from addiction helps patients find the highest quality care for a successful recovery.  Their goal is to provide resources to help patients and their loved ones so that they may stay on the road to recovery, and successfully overcome addiction for life.
Addiction Resource is not a treatment center and does not accept payments or advertising offers. Instead, they work to provide free resources to help people better understand their addiction and motivate them to make the first step in seeking support.

AdoptUsKids is a national database of US foster children available for adoption for families who are home studied and approved to adopt them.
Employee Adoption Benefits – The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption provides help and resources for those wanting to convince their place of employment to provide adoption benefits. These may include paid leave, time off and even financial reimbursement.

Adoption & Child Welfare Law Site
Created by The National Center for Adoption Law & Policy at Capital University Law School, the Law Site provides legal information about adoption for prospective adoptive parents, birth parents, adoption and child welfare lawyers, juvenile and family court judges.  The site includes statutes, regulations, key cases, and leading explanatory law review and practice journal articles concerning child welfare and adoption laws for each U.S. State.

Adoption Learning Partners
Useful, supplemental online training. Note that this does not take the place of formal pre-adopt training.

Adoptive Families Magazine
Adoptive Families magazine on adoption and adoption related issues.
Information for birthmothers and adoptive parents.

Al-Anon Family Groups
A resource for children who have friends or family members impacted by alcohol or drugs. Website is a non-threatening way to become acquainted with what they have to offer.
A drug rehab center directory and substance abuse information resource.

American Adoption Congress (AAC)
is comprised of individuals, families and organizations committed to adoption reform, representing those whose lives are touched by adoption or other loss of family continuity.

American Association of Open Adoption Agencies
Helps families find agencies practicing open adoption.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
AARP helps grandparents raising their grandchildren by offering a newsletter, factsheets, a grandparents support database, state by state information on visitation and a discussion group.
AARP offers State Fact Sheets for grandparents and other relatives raising chidlren.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
ASHA is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 115,000 members and affiliates who are audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists with the mission of providing the highest quality services for professionals in audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech and hearing science. ASHA advocates for people with communication disabilities.

Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children, (ATTACh)
ATTACh, The Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children, is an international coalition of professional and lay persons who are involved with children who have attachment difficulties.

Attachment Disorders (
Provides a self-guided primer for the understanding and treatment o

The Center for Adoption Support and Education Inc, (CASE)
CASE is a national resource for families and professionals through training, publications and consultations. Their online book store offers many helpful resources on parting, adoption sensitive school curricula and other other adoption issues.

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, (CHADD)
CHADD is a non-profit support and information organization working to educate and support families with children who are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Child Welfare Information Gateway
Connects child welfare and related professionals to essential information and resources targeted to the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families. Included is an online library of 48,000 documents ( ibrary), more than 130 Information Gateway publications (

Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)
One of the oldest national organizations developing and promoting policies and programs to protect America’s children and strengthen families through advocacy, training, publications, and consultations.

Children’s Bureau Express
Children’s Bureau Express is designed for professionals concerned with child abuse and neglect, child welfare and adoption.  Included are legislative updates, professional trainings, research and information about best practices.

Children’s Campus
Treats severely emotionally disturbed children, adolescents and their families who require compassionate and specialized care in residential environments ranging from secure care to independent living. The Children’s Campus is located on a park-like 12-acre campus located on the St. Joseph River in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Children’s Defense Fund (CDF)
he mission of the Children’s Defense Fund is to Leave No Child Behind® and to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start, and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
DBSA educates parents, families, professionals and the public about depressive and manic-depressive illnesses, fosters self-help and improves access to care through 40 nationwide chapters and support groups.

Donaldson Institute
The Evan B. Donaldson Institute is one of the pre-eminent adoption policy, education and research organizations in the United States.  It provides independent, accurate and up-to-date information about adoption-related issued for triad members, journalists, professionals and researchers.  The Adoption Institute’s mission is to improve adoption for everyone it touches, especially children.

Detailed information on alcohol, amphetamines, crack, ritalin, steroids, tobacco and lots in between. Sponsored by Partnership for Drug-Free America.

Drugs, How To Say No
Helpful information on teen substance abuse.

EP (Exceptional Parent)
Resources for Special Needs offers monthly subscription with articles written by doctors, specialists, and educators on parenting, resources and advocacy for families with children who have special needs. Offers online seminars.

FAIR – Families Adopting in Response
An all volunteer organization which exists to support, educate, and advocate for adoptive families and children. We invite you to join us for activities based in the Northern California area or as a reader of our magazine News from FAIR.

FRUA, Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption
With regional chapters across the US and members around the world, FRUA provides international adoption support resources for families completed through adoption in Eastern European and Central Asian countries. FRUA offers family and adoption education resources, it’s journal The Family Focus, a private chatroom, social media connections, and a supportive community that nurtures adopted children and supports parents and families.

Families with Children from China
FCC is a nondenominational organization of families with adopted children from China, providing a network of support through local chapters that can be located on their website. Website information includes adoption updates and China-related resources available on the internet.
Provides parenting tips, articles on child development, child safety and 250 new activities monthly.

FASD Community Resource Center
Resources include articles of interest to parents (“When the Teen with FASD Drinks”, “Teaching Kids about FASD”), research, fact sheets, web links, products, camps, lending library and homeschooling help.

FASD and Social Security

Foster Parent Community
This site for helpful links on issues facing relatives and foster parents raising children with attachment disorders, attention deficits (ADD & ADHD), fetal alcohol syndrome and other special needs. Subjects range from adoption to Dr. Seuss.

FRIENDS:  National Resource Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention
FRIENDS, the National Resource Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP), provides training and technical assistance to Federally funded CBCAP Programs.

FXB Center for Health & Human Rights
Harvard University has information on health and human rights such as caring for your child, coping, treatments, links, for children diagnosed with HIV. Also see National Pediatric and Family HIV Resource Center

Genetic Alliance
Search for genetic condition for organizations, support and referral.

Global Overseas Adoption Link (GOAL)
GOAL operates a reunion registry for Korean adopted persons.  GOAL fosters awareness about adoption in the Korean government, adoption agencies, and Korean society, providing a home voice within the birth country.  GOAL increases international awareness regarding issues of Korean adoption, also providing adoption persons that wish to learn about Korean life firsthand employment opportunities with Korean host families.

is an organization of grandparents and special others raising the children of other family members.

Grief Recovery Institute
offers articles, books, trainings and certification for professionals and community education around healing.

An on-line library from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services covering everything from AIDS, alternative medicine, and Medicare to immunizations and minority health concerns.

Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Link provides information on the IDEA regulations change that took place on December 31, 2008 regarding Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Parents can now revoke consent for special education services without the school challenging the parent’s decision as long as protocol is followed. Also, non-attorneys may be called by schools or parents in due process hearings.

Kinship Center
Founded in 1981 to respond to needs of foster and adoptive children, the Kinship Center’s two websites offer articles from adoption experts, research on issues impacting adoption and discussion groups from local and national experts.

Kinship Care Legal Research Center
The American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law is proud to make available this Kinship Care Legal Resource Center. Kinship care, commonly defined as the “full-time care, nurturing, and protection of children by relatives, members of their tribes or clans, or other adults who have a family relationship to a child,” is a growing phenomenon across the United States.

KINship Information Network
is dedicated to grandparents and other relative caregivers who are raising their grandchildren, nieces or nephews either by court order or voluntarily. The network addresses lifestyle changes accompanying the raising of children.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Two-Spirit (LGBTQI2-S) Learning Community (LC) provides a forum for Systems of Care and their partners to collaborate, exchange knowledge, network and share best practices to advance the development of culturally and linguistically competent mental health systems for children and youth who are LGBTQI2-S and their families.

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)  is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families.

National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center
enhances the quality of social and health services for children abandoned or at risk of abandonment or at-risk of abandonment due to the presence of drugs or HIV in the family.

National Adoption Center
The National Adoption Center provides family recruitment, adoption packet, regional programs, information and referral, and much more.

National Administration on Aging
The Website of the National Department of Human Services offers information and resources for the aging and for their families and practitioners. Includes project reports and electronic booklets on kinship care.

National Autism Association – Helping Hand
Autism spectrum disorders are complex and often difficult to understand for families and professionals alike. The National Autism Association  offers information and support to everyone affected by this rapidly growing disorder. The National Autism Association strongly believes that there are effective treatments for autism spectrum disorders as well as a long awaited cure for the millions of families affected. Please join us on our journey of help, hope, and healing.

National Center for Adoption Law and Policy
The National Center seeks to ease and facilitate the adoption process through education, advocacy and research.  Their research efforts seek to demonstrate the need for and the method by which the foster care and adoption processes can be improved. Center advocacy projects are aimed at bringing about those improvements through changes in the law and the way the law is implemented. Their education programs are designed to assist judges, lawyers, social workers and other process stakeholders to know and understand the law.

National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare

National Child Welfare Resource Center for Youth Services
builds the capacity of states and tribes to provide high quality services to their youth in out of home placements, former foster youth and other youth in at-risk situations.

National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement

National Child Welfare Resource Center on Legal and Judicial Issues

National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
Site gives the local office addresses for skip generation parenting.

National Foster Parent Association
A national organization that provides support to foster parents nation wide with an annual conference, membership, NFPA directory, and much more.

National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA)
The National Indian Child Welfare Association strives so that every American Indian child has access to community-based, culturally-appropriate services which help them grow up safe, healthy and spiritually strong; free from abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation and the damaging effects of substance abuse.

National One Church One Child (NAAP)
A non-traditional recruitment program created in Chicago to increase the interested by African-American families to adopt. This program has been replicated and refined in 30 different states.

National Orphan Train Complex 
The National Orphan Train Complex, formerly The Orphan Train Heritage Society of America, conducts research and compiles materials on the period from 1854 through 1930 during which more than 150,000 orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children were relocated. The purpose of this Web site is to educate the American public about this chapter in American history and to provide resources for further research and information exchange.

National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS)
Focuses on advocacy, information and support regarding FAS.

National Resource Center for Child Protective Services

National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology
provides technical assistance at no charge to state and tribal child welfare agencies and the courts.

National Resource Center on ADHD (Program of CHADD)

New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children, Inc. (NYSCCC)
Provides information to improve services available to families and children.  Their website includes resources about transracial adoption.

North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC)
A resource for adoption throughout North America, NACAC shares information about special needs adoption, adoption subsidies, adoption support and preservation, adoptive and foster parent recruitment, child welfare system reform, concurrent planning, parent group development, and transracial/transcultural parenting. NACAC also supports adoptive families, holds an annual conference, and promotes adoption awareness.

Open Adoption Resources and Support
Offers gifts and resources for professionals, adoptive parents, birth parents and children related to open adoption.
Contains information and resources concerning ADHD, bipolar, depression, post traumatic stress, etc.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Service
USCIS provides updates for families adopting from overseas with information specific to adopting from a particular country.

The Urban Institute
Analyzes policies, evaluates programs, and informs community development to improve social, civic, and economic well-being. Research findings, educational resources and fact sheets on kinship care are included.

US State Department Intercountry Adoption
For families pursuing international adoption, the U

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