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Resources on Race, Racism, and Racialized Violence

At MN ADOPT, the death of George Floyd has left us angry, frustrated and deeply saddened. As human beings who care about our neighbors and community members, we must demand better. Better from our leaders, our systems, ourselves, and each other. We need to stand together to fight the systematic inequities and discrimination that lead to senseless loss of life, disproportionate numbers of families and children of color in the child welfare system, and inequities that impact the daily lives of communities of color.

While we work to be better and do better at MN Adopt to address these injustices, we remain committed to providing support, tools, and resources to your family during this difficult time. As you or those you care about may grapple with questions, fears, and uncertainties, below are some resources that may be helpful.

MN Adopt HELP Warmline

Free support service connecting Minnesota’s adoptive, foster and kinship families to specialized therapeutic services and resources.

Warmline Phone: (612) 746-5137


Conversations With Your Children & Teens

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