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If you are nearing finalization, please discuss these tasks to complete with your adoption worker and your child’s county worker. They will assist you with planning for:

  • the court hearing and any court fees
  • applying for a new birth certificate
  • obtaining the adoption decree
  • Northstar Adoption Assistance (more information below)

Additionally, you will need to complete several tasks after the adoption is finalized:

Here are some helpful links about Adoption Assistance:

  • Adoption Assistance:

Legacy Adoption Assistance Program Overview (adoptions completed before January 1, 2015).
This link will provide instructions on reimbursement for:  non-recurring expenses, childcare, respite, camp, home and vehicle modifications.  It also provides information on Adoption Assistance extension after 18, Adoption Assistance and SSI, and Medical Assistance.

Northstar Adoption Assistance Program (adoptions completed after January 1, 2015
This link provides instructions on reimbursement for:  non-recurring expenses, home and vehicle modifications.  It also offers information on Adoption Assistance extension after 18, Adoption Assistance and SSI, and Medical Assistance.

Northstar Kinship Assistance Program (transfer of permanent legal and physical custody completed after January 1, 2015)
This link offers instructions on reimbursement for:  non-recurring expenses. It also provides information on Kinship Assistance Agreement Extension after 18, Kinship Assistance, SSI, and Medical Assistance.

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