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McMahon Counseling & Consultation Services, LLC

Deena McMahon, MSW is a licensed independent clinical social worker in private practice. After working as clinical supervisor and director for in-home services for 20 years, she established her private practice working with children and families. She has been working with families and children for over 30 years and has developed expertise in the areas of childhood trauma, childhood sexual abuse, grief and loss, family violence, transracial placements, ICWA cases, adoption and attachment.  She is known for her passion in working with children and her strong advocacy skills.  She has a great deal of experience working with highly traumatized family systems and offering practical ideas and solutions.

Deena’s practice currently focuses on purchase of service only, either in-home and/or crisis based, for case consultation (emergency or none) and short term interventions. She is unable to take on long term clients.

She does not accept insurance reimbursement.

Adoption Dynamics
Successful outcomes in adoption work require a professional with specialized training and experience.  Ms. McMahon is recognized as a national expert on adoption for both parents and children.  She works with domestic and international adoptees and their adoptive families to resolve their unique and often challenging problems.
Success in this area is where people are able to achieve a level of functioning consistent with their capacity. For some children, success is stabilization. Ms. McMahon’s goal is to help these children achieve their developmental milestones to the extent possible by working with both the child and the parents.  It’s the relationship between the parent and the child that is the treatment dyad.  That involves working with parents to gain a better understanding of adoption and lifelong grief/loss challenges for entire family.
“People come to me when they are in pain or crisis, when their lives aren’t working, when they don’t know what to do or where to turn. I help them identify what is happening and what they would like to be different. Then I recommend strategies for change.”  — Deena McMahon, MSW, LICSW

Adoptive Parent Testimonial from Deena’s website:
“The experience of being falsely accused and investigated has been so hurtful to our family that we now feel like parents of trauma.   I can honestly tell you that our family would not have survived this experience if it had not been for the support and encouragement of Deena.  There were (and still are) days that we felt so alone, so targeted, so vulnerable that we felt like the only solution would be to give up.  At our toughest moments we were able to call Deena and she listened to us, and she always offered appropriate advice.  There is no one in our local area who has the knowledge and experience with special needs children to support us, so being able to call Deena has truly saved our family.” – Adoptive parent

updated summer 2017

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