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Adoptive Family Support Groups

If you finalized an adoption in the last 12 months and need help with resources or support complete our online contact form.

Adoptive Family Support Groups

Adoption Support Group 

The Adoption Support Group is a metro area support group for LGBTQ prospective parents who are currently in the process of pursuing adoption, including “waiting” families. The group offers monthly meet-ups facilitated by an experienced adoptive parent. Please contact to learn more about the group. Visit for information about additional programs and resources.

Adoption Support Network

Adoption Support Network, provides support for adoptive parents, adoptees, parent support groups and kinship caregivers in the Metro and outstate areas of MinnesotaCheck


Bellis, formerly Adoption Option Council of Minnesota, has been a trusted adoption resource for schools, individuals and communities since 1983. Located in the northwest metro, Bellis offers structured supportive gatherings called “Adoption Connection” meetings for birth parents, adoptive parents, adopted persons and birth & adoptive grandparents. When possible, adoption social workers assist with facilitation. The group also host speaker workshops and retreats. Visit for more information.   

Bemidji Area Adoption Support Group

This Bemidji Area group meets monthly. Please contact 218-760-2789 or for more information.  

Children’s Home Society of Minnesota & Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota Support Groups

Find support from a community of people who can relate to your experiences. We facilitate adoption-themed groups for birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents.
You can find all of our adoption support groups on our events calendar.  Our groups are open to all individuals, regardless of placing agency.

Our Online Parent Support Group for Greater Minnesota takes place the third Wednesday of every month from noon-1:30pm. Learn more here

Our Adoptee Support Groups for adoptees ages 5-13 and their parents will take place on the second Saturday of each month, September-April. Registration opens August 12. Learn more here

Our Birth Parent and Adopted Adult Support Groups help individuals seeking a supportive group for sharing and discussing reunion. Learn more here

Dakota County Parent Support Group & Children of Adoptive Families

Dakota County Parent Support Group & Children of Adoptive Families, monthly or bi-monthly. For more information, please call Ann at 952-891-7415 or  

EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services’ Proactive Parenting Support Group

Throughout the year, EVOLVE offers many opportunities for families who wish to participate in events or ongoing support tailored specifically for adoptive families, foster care providers, adoptive persons, birth parents, youth in foster care, or anyone interested in strengthening their family through additional support. These Greater Metro Area groups are open to the public, regardless of placing agency. There is no cost to former EVOLVE clients; there may be a nominal fee for non-clients. For more information or to register:

Main Street Family Services Adoptive, Foster & Kinship Family Group

Based in Elk River, Main Street Family Services is dedicated to helping families become the best they can be! They offer a variety of services including trainings, attachment based, trauma informed parent education, and parent support groups, amongst others. For more information, 763-595-1420,  or 

Mental Health Association of Minnesota (MHAM) 

Offers a variety of peer-led mental health support groups in the Twin Cities, Duluth, and the Greater Minnesota area. Groups are open to anyone experiencing a mental health challenge.  For a list of current support groups, please visit

Proof Alliance (formerly MOFAS)

With groups in both the Metro and Greater Metro Area, MOFAS support groups provide emotional support, allow people to share information and discuss common issues, but more importantly, provide the feeling that you are not alone on this path. For information about ongoing support groups, please visit

National Alliance on Mental Health Illness (NAMI)

National Alliance on Mental Health Illness (NAMI), offers family-to-family support groups provide ongoing support for families and friends of persons with mental illness in the Metro and Greater Metro Areas. For more information , please visit or call 651-645-2948. 

Olmsted County Adoptive Parent Support Group

Olmsted County sponsors a parent led adoption support group.  The group is open to the public and is tailored to meet the support and educational needs of foster parents, those families considering adoption, or those families who have adopted privately, publicly, domestically or internationally. The mission is to offer families a forum to receive post adoption support that will enable them to network with other adoptive families learn about new resources and training, share any questions or concerns with group members, form new partnerships with other adoptive families, and enhance their ability to manage the complexity and lifelong process of adoption. For more information, please contact 507-328-6432 

Patiently Waiting Adoption Family Support Group

Patiently Waiting was established to provide encouragement, education, and resources for those walking the journey of adoption or foster care. This group meets in the Metro Area. For more information, please contact

Southwest Metro ADHD Connection Satellite of CHADD

Southwest Metro AD/HD Connection offers groups for families with attention issues facing challenges that friends might not understand. This group provides a rare opportunity to meet others like you and to learn, discuss and share strategies. It’s FREE, fun, informative and helpful for parents and adults. 

Grandparents / Kinship Support Groups - Minnesota Support Groups

Grandparent to Grandparent

Grandparent to Grandparent, is sponsored by PACER Center, Inc. Grandparents meet as a group to share concerns and to learn about their grandchild’s special needs. The support groups offer grandparents opportunities to discuss the impact of the child’s disability on the entire family, and to obtain up-to-date information about the child’s special problems and needs. Most importantly, grandparents have a chance to meet other grandparents who share their concerns. For more information, please visit or call 952-838-9000.

Proof Alliance (formerly MOFAS)

With groups in both the Metro and Greater Metro Area, MOFAS support groups provide emotional support, allow people to share information and discuss common issues, but more importantly, provide the feeling that you are not alone on this path. For information about ongoing support groups, please visit

Kinship Caregiver Support and Education Groups (LSS)

To see upcoming Workshops and Classes being offered please go here.

Kinship Caregiver Support Group*
Peace Lutheran Church
4512 France Ave N
1st Saturday of each month 10:00 – 11:30 am

*You must RSVP in advance for child care and refreshments.

St. Paul:
Parenting Across Generations
Wheelock Education Center
1521 Edgerton Street
St. Paul, MN 55130
September – June
More info or register online

Please contact Janet Salo at Kinship Family Support Services at Lutheran Social Service of MN at 651-917-4640 or

For further information or to RSVP for group/childcare contact 651-917-4640 or

updated info: June 2019

Parenting Again – Grandparents Support Group

Parenting Again – Grandparents Support Group, For grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Join us to meet other grandparents with similar joys and challenges. Free childcare and meal provided When: Meet once a month, please call for exact dates. 320-679-6257 for more information.

Grandparents / Kinship Support Groups - National Resources

American Association of Retired Person (AARP)

American Association of Retired Person (AARP), helps grandparents raising their grandchildren by offering a newsletter, factsheets, a grandparents support database, state by state information on visitation and an online discussion group. For more information,  visit AARP or call 800-424-3410.

Generations United

Generations United, focuses on intergenerational issues including grandparents caregivers and foster grandparents. For more information, please visit or call 202-289-3979.

Grandparenting Today (resource)

Grandparenting Today, provides legal resources, answers to questions grandparents raising grandkids have asked. Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Extension Services. For more information, please visit

Special Needs Support Groups

FASD Northern Minnesota Peer Support Group

For parents and other caregivers of children with known or suspected FASD.
Come for support and discussion about the joys, stresses, questions and challenges we face raising children (infant through adult) with known or suspected Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). All parents, foster parents, legal guardians and other kinship caregivers are welcome.
Where/When: Meets monthly in Grand Rapids.
For questions, more information or to indicate interest, contact Mikki Anderson at or 218-398-0987.

Proof Alliance (formerly MOFAS)

With groups in both the Metro and Greater Metro Area, MOFAS support groups provide emotional support, allow people to share information and discuss common issues, but more importantly, provide the feeling that you are not alone on this path. For information about ongoing support groups, please visit

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Minnesota

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Minnesota Provides support groups to help parents discover resources to meet the challenges of raising a child with a mental illness, learn coping skills and develop problem solving skills. Each of the support groups are facilitated by a parent who has a child with a mental illness and who has received specialized training. For more information including meeting times and dates contact Beth Ringer, Director of Community Outreach and Engagement: 651-645-2948 x118 or or click on the link above.

Additional Support Resources

Families for Russian & Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA)

Families for Russian & Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA), is a national nonprofit organization with chapters across the U.S. and members around the world. FRUA’s mission is to improve the lives of children by supporting families completed through adoption in Eastern European countries and, through our orphanage support efforts, to never forget the children left behind, who will grow up in those orphanages. (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania). For more information about the Minnesota Chapter, email or visit

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