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is an outgoing, talkative, and energetic girl who truly appreciates companionship. While shy at times, she is extremely lovable and enjoys one-on-one attention and praise. Lonnae loves school, works hard on her academics, and likes to discuss her school work and scholastic progress. She is also a determined worker and has held a number of jobs within school (disassembling computers, making popcorn, washing lunchroom dishes). Her dream job is to work at a group home so she can help others. Lonnae loves animals and is a wonderful caretaker! In addition, Lonnae enjoys listening to music, superheroes, swimming, coloring, cooking, playing video games, working on computers, and playing with electronics of all kinds. Lonnae is looking for an experienced adoptive family to provide her with a lot of love and attention, which she is eager to reciprocate. She will flourish in a stable, positive, and consistent environment. Lonnae would benefit from being the youngest, or only child in a home. She is a caring and compassionate girl eager to meet her future family.
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