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Meet Justin

Justin is a talkative and funny young man when he is around people he knows and trusts.  He enjoys playing video games, watching cartoons, going to the park, going fishing, catching bugs and snakes, riding his bike, playing with race cars, building with Legos, watching YouTube videos about dinosaurs and reading books about dinosaurs.  He also likes swimming, bowling and playing board games.  Justin likes to get out of the house and go to places like the park, the lake, science museum, animal shelter, McDonald's, library, movie theater, gymnasium and visiting his friends.  Justin needs a family that can provide unconditional love, trust, stability and consistency.  Justin likes routine and it is important to let him know ahead of time if something is going to change within his day.  Due to his medical needs, Justin has holistic services working with him on a daily basis.  His prospective family would need to have the ability to advocate for the services that he will need throughout his life.  The family would also need to be willing to travel to various appointments and meetings for Justin.
Ref #:3711
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