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Dylan is a boy with a big heart and a unique sense of humor! He is really interested in rocks and has quite an impressive collection. Dylan also enjoys walking and exploring outdoors, particularly hiking around quarries and woods. Dylan likes to go swimming and work out at the local YMCA. For fun, he loves to watch the Sci-Fi channel, check out cars, and go bowling. He can certainly be talkative, particularly when it is a topic he really cares about. People who know Dylan describe him as fun to be around, kind-spirited, and silly. He is a really curious teen and could benefit from a family that is laid back, patient, and can meet Dylan where he is at.

Dylan is open to a single parent or a two parent home with a mom and dad. He would love to have younger brothers and sisters, as well as pets. Dylan would do best in a home that could offer him a good balance of structure and consistency. Academically, he benefits from a relatively small classroom size and Dylan would need a family who supports his educational goals. He would be okay living in an urban area or country setting. Dylan is open to adoption, though his birth family relationships are essential for him. He would want a family to know that they would have to support him in his semi-regular contact with his parents and many relatives.
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