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Chanel has made phenomenal gains in the past three years! She has been in a very supportive foster home that has met her needs and her gains have been tremendous. She has made wonderful gains in school and is on the B honor roll. Chanel won an award at her high school during the 2015-2016 school year in Art and participated in Art Club. This past year, she won an award in Language Arts that acknowledges her amazing progress in reading and her love for reading books. She also participated in Sign Language Club. Chanel participates in her church youth group and enjoys weekend retreats and fun events they have. Chanel has a great sense of style, as evidenced by her cute haircut and the outfits she wears. She has a great sense of humor and a love for animals. Chanel has done well assisting in caring for her foster parent's infant grandson and loves him dearly. She would like to maintain some contact with her foster family after she is adopted. Chanel is already thinking about what life after graduation will look like for her. She works several days a week at her first job and loves interacting with coworkers.

Chanel has had significant disappointments in her life, so there was a time when she wasn't open to adoption at all. Though this has changed as she has begun to think about her life after high school, and who will be there for holidays and major life events (as well as the day to day guidance that all youth need)! Ideally, Chanel would like to be adopted by a mom and dad of any race who do not have other children in the home (adult children would be fine, but she is afraid younger kids would be annoying), who love animals. Chanel would also need to maintain contact with her younger brother and sister, both of whom live in the Twin Cities area. Chanel needs and wants a family that can accept her imperfections, provide her with needed guidance and support as she transitions to adulthood, and will celebrate her amazing gains and the unique and wonderful girl that she is. MN families only are being considered at this time.
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