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Meet Jabarie

Black or African American
Jabarie is an endearing, active, and alert teenage boy who is fun to be around. He likes to play basketball and made his team at school this year. He also has an interest in photography, fashion design, and video production. His goals include graduating high school, going to college, playing basketball professionally, and starting his own business. He has held part time jobs in the past but is focusing on school for now and reports that he gets easily bored in school. He is good with animals, small children and adults. Jabarie needs an experienced and stable permanent family with a good support system, who can give him clear boundaries as well as consistent and positive messages. Jabarie has matured a lot in the last year and shown good insight as to his own needs. The family would also need to be comfortable with using outside services. He does not have strong feelings about family composition but would prefer one or two older siblings or at least youth his age or older around (neighbors, extended family, etc.) Following adoption, he would need to maintain contact with his older sibling.
Ref #:4043
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