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Meet Rose

Rose is outgoing, smart, fun and curious about life. She is an intelligent young lady who wants to understand things and likes to talk with people about her interests – as you can see from this picture! When asked, “What kind of photo of you should we take, so families know what you’re like?” she went IMMEDIATELY to her books, and spent the next several minutes happily describing the plot of this and many, many other books.  She’s got bright eyes, a catching smile, and is quick to giggle if she finds something funny! Open to adoption and committed to finding a family, Rose seeks experienced, patient, understanding, attentive, and proactive parents who will provide her with a stable nurturing home. Rose is both an individualist and outdoorsy. Swimming is Rose's favorite activity, but she will also dabble in the mud, pet and groom large animals, enjoy the playground, pitch and catch balls and Frisbee. Indoors, Rose wants to be busy. Games, books (SO many books), singing, and arts and crafts are Rose's primary home and school activities. Academically, Rose does well. It is in these home and school environments Rose frequently wants parental help with time management, chiefly learning what to do when there is not enough to do and/or transitioning from one enjoyable activity to another. Although Rose is both energetic and independent, she keeps an eye on her caregivers and the people she cares about. 

An adoptive family for Rose may look like this - two moms or a mom and a dad with older teen or young adult daughters and medium to large sized dogs or horses. A family that loves to be busy and can help Rose stay active is ideal! Most importantly, Rose's adoptive family would need to be understanding of Rose’s need to get to know them at an easy pace. As Rose would say, "Friends come and go . . . but Families are Forever!" She asks for a family that “will love me for me….and won’t give me back!” 

The placement agency is looking for a Minnesota family or a family in western Wisconsin for Rose.
Ref #:4052
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